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    In search of 2 Sets of radiator to fender braces for 70-73 Camaro

    In search of 2 Sets of radiator to fender braces for 70-73 Camaro
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    70-73 passenger fender

    In need of a good passenger fender for a 70-73
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    70-73 passenger fender needed

    I have a friend needing a good Passenger fender anyone have 1
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    Cam break in question

    How long after breaking in cam will I know If I have any issues with it? Engine is on a test stand! I had a problem getting it to fire at first but after starting it ran great and I ran it for 30 min between 2500 and 3000 RPMs . How long should I keep it on test stand and run it often to be sure...
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    Pm's with new system

    How do you PM with the new setup we have now?
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    Scam what do you think

    Barbara Terrence to Eddie Standridge Today at 11:32 AM Hi there, Thank you for contacting me regarding my 2001 Toyota Tacoma, that I have for sale. I’m first owner,no smoking and i don't have pets. It has no damage, no scratches, dents or hidden defects. It is in immaculate condition...
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    This hurts the eyes Admin edit to include link
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    73 Seat Belts

    I have rebuild kits available for the 73 female buckles for the ones of you who's belts have exploded>
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    Question on shipping a transmission

    What is the best and least expensive means of shipping a 700R transmission ?
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    73 female seat belts

    Since there is not any interest in having seat belts rebuilt I have the rebuild kits available if anyone is interested. $35 each plus shipping.
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    73 exploding seat belts

    I am repairing the 73 exploding seat belts if any one is interested.
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    72 only hood release for sale

    I have a 72 only non-rs hood latch release for sale PN 3994772 $50 + shipping
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    73 seat belts

    Does anyone have any 73 seat belts that have blown apart?? I need some of the pieces that have the GM blue emblems on them?? Thanks
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all Nasty members
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    For Sale 10 bolt posi carrier

    [/IMG][/IMG][/IMG] 100.00 plus shipping
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    Pictures o 73 RS long fnder support braces

    Does any one have any pictures of the 73 long fender to radiator support braces ? Also how long are they ? I am looking for some and need the information on them! Thanks
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    WTB plastic top for 73 deluxe door panel

    WTB the plastic piece that is behind the top of a drivers side 73 deluxe door panel I hope someone has an old set of door panels that the outers are shot but the plastic is still good! I have a nice set of panels but the plastic on my drivers side is all busted
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    Paint question

    How long of a shelf life does auto paint have ?
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    Help decoding

    I am trying to help my son-in-law decode a Small block engine The Pad in the front of block must have been decked as the letters and No's are very faint. Is there a way to put something on them to make them more visible ? All I can make out is the last letter of the suffix code which is a C...

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