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  1. Javelin3o4

    fabric spray for cloth seats.

    Anyone use like that VHT or Duplicolor vinyl and fabric dye on seats? Would like to get the seat bottoms black again cause they are sun faded but afraid its going to come out crappy or crispy looking.
  2. Javelin3o4

    Dealership said they did a safety recall but didnt.

    So I'm not sure whats up with dealership I take my Dart to. They had a safety recall (R42) for the TCM and its bracket on the DDCT because it could cause the PCB to crack causing the transmission basically shift into neutral. I had it happen to me twice, thankfully at stop lights, you would hit...
  3. Javelin3o4

    May be time to sell.

    Well I think its coming time for me to give up on the '71 and let it move to someone else that has the time for it. Basically I haven't touched the car in probably 3 years and don't see myself getting to it anytime soon. And with my current situation I could use the money to pay off some debt...
  4. Javelin3o4

    2017 Zl1

  5. Javelin3o4

    Black paint maintenance

    Any ideas on what I can do to clean up the front end of my Dart? Downside to the car is its black but the front end has little scuffs and boogers in the paint so when its been washed the front still looks slightly crappy, doesn't seem like scratches maybe just contaminates maybe in the paint...
  6. Javelin3o4

    RIP Robin Williams.

    Damn just seen this,
  7. Javelin3o4

    Anyone work @ Dodge/Chrysler dealer that can look up a part?

    Trying to pickup replacement radio tuner for my 2013 Dart, trying to get the one with integrated NAV and came across a unit for a 2014 Dart, just trying to verify the part number is actually a NAV unit (RB5) and not a AM/FM/Satellite (RE2) which I already have. Part # p05091965ae (listed as...
  8. Javelin3o4

    First Wonder Woman movie photo.

    First image released at Comic Con for Wonder Woman. Read they also had some surprise Batman V Superman footage at Comic Con too.
  9. Javelin3o4

    Comcast upgraded speed (Extreme 105)

    If its in your area and part of your speed package and they haven't upgraded you yet, call the tech support for internet and ask them to push the config file to your modem. Took about 5 mins on the phone just now to get it pushed.
  10. Javelin3o4

    4th Gen DDIN kit.

    For those with a 4th Gen Camaro and want a double din, Metra apparently sells a dash kit now for double din radios...
  11. Javelin3o4

    Odometers on new vehicles.

    Anyone know how to go about and getting a odometer adjusted? I want to get the TFT instrument cluster for my Dart, but I don't want the mileage all jacked up and would like it to be correct and apparently Dodge either can't or won't fix the read out. The TFT display is nice cause you can...
  12. Javelin3o4

    Portable Jump Starter.

    Anyone see this thing? Its like carrying around a portable hard drive that can apparently jump start your car or charge your cell phone. Currently listed @ 69.99 thoughts? ZqQOyHTCKk0...
  13. Javelin3o4

    LED License plate light.

    Got all new LED lights for my Dart including the license plate, apparently they need to have a load resistor in them otherwise you get a message on the dash saying the light is out. This one was called a "Cree" LED, it was a square pad that I mounted inside the stock housing and had the wire...
  14. Javelin3o4

    Return of the Start Menu (Windows 8)

    For those that can't grasp the concept of the start screen ;) :D Microsoft announced in a future update they will be, bringing back the start menu. Also in a few days a Windows 8.1 update is set to...
  15. Javelin3o4

    Selling the 2K Camaro.

    So I worked on it this morning and it looks like it blew the head gasket. Runs a little crappy like its not firing on all cylinders, some white smoke with a light mist out of the tail pipe, little bit of smoke comming out of the radiator with the cap off. I don't have time for the car to be...
  16. Javelin3o4

    Coming in hot

  17. Javelin3o4

    ueother issue with the 2000 camaro.

    Another issue with the 2000 camaro. Ok, so I never got the cel to go off referring to the maf sensor, but now it appears I'm loosing coolant. I can smell it in the engine compartment but can't find the leak. I already changed those plastic elbows so I looked around those. At first I thought it...
  18. Javelin3o4

    makeshift driveway.

    Just wondering if people are allowed to do this? I moved in with my sister temporarily. And across the street from her is this family that must have 80 people living there. They re-done their drive way to where they can park 3 cars in it, however the sidewalk is setup for the original two car...
  19. Javelin3o4

    Google Fiber.

    Man I'd love to have this in my area. 120.00 for gigabit internet + TV. My Comcast bill for 55Mbps plus TV is $195.00 a month. Hell the $300.00 one time fee for free 5Mbps service is more...
  20. Javelin3o4

    Goat Simulator.

    lol JN2QUhaKN2Q

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