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    Balanced 383 Rotating Assembly

    Scat Series 9000 crank, Probe forged 12cc dished pistons, Procomp 5.7" rods, harmonic balancer, flex plate, and Hastings piston rings. Everything is brand new, never ran. I have balance sheet. Asking $800 for everything. Will also throw in freshly machined Vortec block for $1400 total...
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    Hurst V-Gate Shifter

    Bought a Muncie M21 a while back for a 4 speed conversion and it came with this shifter that I have no use for. It is in good shape, but the mounting plate was modified to work on a muncie (i believe it was originally for a t-10). Asking $225 OBO. Make an offer, want it out of the garage.
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    WTB Posi Unit

    I have the stock open rearend under my 79 z28 and I would like to get a posi carrier or locker for it. Is anyone trying to sell one? Thanks.
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    Buzz Cars

    Senoia Raceway, a local 3/8 dirt track, is adding a buzz car class this year that I am sort of interested in. The requirements are: Any three or four-cylinder front wheel drive car with a maximum wheelbase of 105” with the following exceptions: NO convertibles, NO trucks, NO two seat coupes, NO...
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    What's It Worth?

    I bought a Muncie m21 the other day and it came with a Hurst V Gate shifter. I have no use for the shifter. It is in great shape, but the mounting plate was rigged to fit a Muncie. Is it still worth anything?
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    1979 Z28 Road & Track

    Was there ever a Road & Track that featured a 1979 Z28 road test? I'm interested in finding one if there is.
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    WTB 4 Speed Parts

    I want to convert my '79 z28 to 4 speed, and still need all parts except for the shifter tunnel, which I found in a junkyard. If you by any chance have pedals, metal hump, shifter, clutch linkage, shifter linkage, center console, shifter boots, or boot retainer that you want to sell...please...
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    What's This Air Cleaner Worth?

    It's the original air cleaner assembly off my 79 z28. Doesn't have the snorkel or hold down nut. Is it worth anything? I have no use for it.
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    Brown Tint On Aluminum Intake

    The motor in my car has about 3000 miles on it since the build. I have a cast performer rpm air gap on it and it has developed a yellowish brown tint all over. Come to think of it, my cast aluminum water pump has the same problem. What causes this? The car has been sitting a few months...
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    What's A Fair Offer For This Camaro?

    Saw this '79 4 speed/t top z28 roller on craigslist. What do you guys think would be a good offer?
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    Ok, I have looked over several threads about lockers, but still don't have an answer. My '79 z28 has the original 3.42 open rearend. I recently put in a built 350 making around 400 horses. I want it to be a street car, but maybe a trip to the track every now and then. I was thinking either...
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    Anybody Weld for A Living?

    I'll be graduating High School this year, and kind of want to get a career in the welding field. I'm currently taking a welding course through West Georgia Technical College. Anybody have experience in this field? Advantages/Disadvantages?
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    Quick Question...

    The bottom end of my 350 is a gm performance 4 bolt main short block with cast pistons. I want to put in a decent set of forged pistons, but my question to you guys general, how much would it cost to get a 350 bored .030 over?
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    Help With Color Choice

    I am currently getting the seats in my '79 z28 reupholstered. I am going to keep the interior camel tan. What original colors do you think looked good on z28's with tan interior? I kinda like the idea of red with orange z28 stripes, but with tan interior, you would have had to have gold...
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    Anybody Been To Streetside Classics In Lithia Springs, GA?

    It's a big consignment dealer that has somewhere between 100 and 150 pristine, low mileage cars for sale. You can go in just to look around and it is amazing. So many beautiful cars. As for camaros, they have 3 67s: one being a Trans-Am series replica, 1 68, 5 69s: one an RS/SS 4 speed with...
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    Good MIG Welder For Beginner???

    I am in high school and taking a college welding class through West Georgia Technical College. I want to get a smaller mig welder for around the house projects and some body work......I'm thinking about the Hobart Handler 140, any experience with this welder or others that would be a good...
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    Need Help With Bog!

    My '79 z28 bogs really bad when accelerating quickly from a stop. Also, if I am cruising anywhere from 45-65 mph and decide to get into the gas, it'll bog for a second and then start to pull hard. When I bought the car a couple years ago, It had the original motor with an older holley carb, I...
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    This Camaro Has Me Stumped!

    I didn't know where to put this.....but I stopped to look at this 1980 Camaro that i saw at a local shop the other day. It appeared to be a t top z28. I noticed that Z28 did not seem to be on the cowl tag, but CC1 for t top was. I'm not sure why someone would go through the trouble to create...
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    1979 Bright Blue With Camel Interior?

    I am thinking about painting my 79 z28 the code 24 bright blue, but I have camel interior. Was this a factory combination? If so, does anyone have pictures they can post of it?
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    What Paint Color For 1979 Z28???

    I have been looking at different duplicolor, house of kolor, and summit racing paints, but can not decide on a color. Can anybody post pictures of different colors they chose on their 1978-81 camaros?

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