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  1. Chevyforever

    Crane blueprint cam lash

    Yup, glad I'm not the only one who thinks that 26" vacuum with that cam is highly unlikely ... Sorry.
  2. Chevyforever

    LT-1 Camshaft

    I had a 294-S in a 350 years ago and very low vacuum for power brakes IIRC.
  3. Chevyforever

    2022 Cost to Rebuild Engine Vs Crate Motor Vs LS Swap

    I searched and couldn't find the build. any chance for a link ? thanks. *** I found it, August 26/2022 author Jeff Smith.
  4. Chevyforever

    Additional power changing to 4 barrel carb

    downside in this case with Vortec is losing the original look underhood
  5. Chevyforever

    Additional power changing to 4 barrel carb

    Back around 1979, my best friend in high school had a 1973 Camaro 307 2bbl. My father had just bought a 1978 Z28 and removed the stock Q-jet and cast iron intake to make some mods. My friend swapped the factory 2bbl intake combo to that of the 350 and there was a noticeable improvement in seat...
  6. Chevyforever


    On my 1980 I have Hooker 2451HKR and wouldn't buy them again. Plug clearance isn't as good as it should be in my opinion.
  7. Chevyforever

    1979 camaro 1/4 mile build ???

    Started reading this and instantly thought of @G72Zed when I read "John Deere ring package." LMAO
  8. Chevyforever

    1970 NHRA Nationals

    My first "Indy" was 1980. Here is Prudhommes restored car and rig on display at the US Nationals in 2013.
  9. Chevyforever

    Snotty sounding 305 video

    I had a narrowed 12 bolt under one of my drag strip only Camaros. It had a Strange spool similar to the unit pictured and my aftermarket bearing caps were billet steel finished honed for precision fit to their respective sides/bore. Had 14 x32 Goodyear Eagle slicks and plenty of RAT motor up...
  10. Chevyforever

    Snotty sounding 305 video

    Not mine, just wanted to share video of an NHRA legal stocker motor. 1980 Malibu that is for sale, I love "stock eliminator" however the name is a huge misnomer...
  11. Chevyforever

    Fastest pass opening day Hot Rod Drag week 2022

    I took these pics in 2019, assuming this was Sick seconds #1 ?
  12. Chevyforever

    Wrong cylinder heads

    What year is the car ? My 1980 Z original 350 has 462624 heads.
  13. Chevyforever

    Spark Plug Analysis Help Needed

    Easy to go down a rabbit hole on many topics thanks to the "interweb."
  14. Chevyforever

    Anyone collect/invest sport cards?

    The grading of cards is rather subjective in my mind. It can greatly determine a cards value. Just wish I hadn't stapled many of my "best" hockey players cards to my bedroom door when I was a kid. (Lafleur,Dryden, Beliveau,Hull,Orr,Esposito, Sawchuk etc)
  15. Chevyforever

    Anyone collect/invest sport cards?

    There doesn't seem to be nearly as much interest in sports cards as there used to be 20 or so years ago from what I can see. Also my cards are Canadian versions from Topps and OPC if memory serves me right. Smaller market up here and ultimately less demand / value.
  16. Chevyforever

    Anyone collect/invest sport cards?

    I've got a bunch of my hockey cards and a small number of baseball cards from my youth. Oldest ones are from 1970 IIRC.