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    Axle code help 2PH G286

    PH is a 2.56 rear end.
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    Scientists tricked mosquitoes into delivering vaccines to humans

    How many mosquitoes does it take to OD?
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    what cars did***

    '77 and newer Z28 should have the Borg Warner Super T10.
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    z 28 wheels

    Check with your local tire shops. Some of them have equipment to straighten steel wheels so they are good again. Wobble can be removed with proper equipment and it is much cheaper than new wheels.
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    identification please

    There is some helpful information here.
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    If you sell used parts or anything read this.

    At least we know there is no shortage of Government stupidity.
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    Driven gear inside trans housing

    I haven't had to work on a 200R4, but the tail housing on a TH200 can be quite easily be removed with a BFH if you want the driven gear.
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    identification please

    I'm not really clear on the casting numbers, but if I'm seeing it right, the 13-04 suggests it is a T10. The final 903 says it should have an aluminum case, if so, it would be a Super T10. GM, Ford, and AMC used Super T10s for some years. More pictures and numbers might help narrow it down.
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    identification please

    To me, the casting number suggests that it is a Borg Warner. Can you post any other numbers on the tranny?
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    GM OBD Readiness monitors - Damn you GM

    I'm so old that I'm stil stuck on cars that don't have an ECM. If the battery is good, the car is good to drive. And, I live in a part of the world where there is no such thing as a smog check no matter what you drive.
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    Blower motor running anytime key is turned

    The resistor doesn't need cooling if it has no power so that can't be the reason. Resistors heat up from power being dropped through the resistor.
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    Home Prices what the hell is going on?

    The economy is like a runaway train. You can't stop it on a dime. The past couple of years set us up for a bad economy by lowering interest rates to almost nothing. People thought they could get something free. Free always costs later, and "later" has arrived where everyone pays from here on. I...
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    Z21 Option with Type LT

    There was no LT option for '72 and earlier so that option couldn't include Z21 for those years. In '70 and '71, Z21 was included in RS, but by '72, it was stripped from the RS option.
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    What an aging hotrodder does when he realizes it's time to use a cane...

    And, this is what an aging Marine uses if he has some wood scraps and a good whittling knife.
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    Experience of an older gentleman- new garage door.

    I've always intalled my own garage doors on every garage I've ever owned. It is a very simple job if you follow the instructions that come with the door. And, you can do it alone. You don't need a crew. My neighbor had a professional installer do his new door. Within a few years, the door was...
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    CE 223433 block 1970 Camaro Z28

    When an engine fails under warranty, you don't have a choice of date. The date on the engine will be the date of manufacture of the engine, not the car.
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    Mist not working 81 Camaro

    Before you change anything, check to see if the pump is running when called for. Those pumps are a true Rube Goldberg design and often hang up so the pump won't cycle. If the pump runs, then start checking the things mentioned above.
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    CE 223433 block 1970 Camaro Z28

    Since this is a replacement engine, the numbers on it will be different than engines destined for the assembly line. Likely this number will mean, V probably designates it came from the Flint engine plant. 2 probably for 1972 72921 is probably a sequence number for that year. Maybe someone else...
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    Too short to work under hood!

    You can use a car ramp as a step to get you up closer, of maybe elevator shoes. :)
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    Door Hinge Replacement

    Before you loosen any of the bolts, take a pencil and draw a line around them on the sheet metal. That way you get the new hinge fairly closely aligned to you don't have to do a full door alignment.