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    Replacement carb for 70Z?

    I have the original carb for my 72 Z-28, but I've been running a 650 on it for years. The double pumper kicks ass in comparison to the original one with vacuum secondaries. I'm not sure what numbering system Holley uses now, but mine is a 4777.
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    Registering vehicles .....

    In PA it's just a one time fee for an Antique plate. I believe that it's around $80, nothing after that.
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    Rear Spoiler, 70-71 Low 1pc

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    Legendary Interiors

    I ordered from them at fall Carlisle, and received the covers for my 72 in early June. I'm currently having them installed, but I must say that I'm not very happy with the way some of the stitching looks. The upholstery shop is trying to finesse them, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed at this...
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    I just came home to a flooded garage (wet floor anyway)

    Bradford White has been great for me. Our first one lasted 23 years, and I opted to replace it while it was still working perfectly. The replacement is the same brand, and I'm into the 11th year with it. I'm running off natural gas, 50 gallon units. Our neighborhood consists of 70 homes, and the...
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    0 oil pressure

    That happened to me on a 350 years ago. The machine shop left out the 2 oil galley plugs behind the cam gear. It took me a while to figure it out. I had the pan off testing the pump with the tub of oil, and saw a waterfall coming down from the front area of the engine.
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    1972 Z-28 Fanbelt

    I've been trying to find out if the Z-28 used a different fan,alt, and air pump belt due to the deep groove pullys? Based on what I'm seeing, it looks like it should be different, but none of the over the counter parts places seem to list anything specific to the Z-28. Thanks Greg
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    1970-72 NOS VF-3 Rear Bumper

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    1970-72 NOS VF-3 Rear Bumper

    This is an NOS rear bumper that will fit a 1970-72 Camaro. This bumper is slotted for the somewhat rare VF-3 option that used a rubber strip along the full length of the bumper. The P/N tag is still partially visible on the inside corner. The bumper was in storage for a long time, so it does...
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    1970-72 Camaro Front and rear impact strips for VF3 (deluxe Bumpers)

    I have a NOS VF-3 rear bumper if anyone is interested. It also has the holes for the bumper guards. It's been stored for a long time, so it has some minor pitting in the upper area around the license plate.
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    2015 Impala 3.6 Engine Vibration

    Yes, and the car only has 54k on it.
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    2015 Impala 3.6 Engine Vibration

    I have a 2015 Impala LTZ with the 3.6. I've been noticing a vibration while driving on the highway, and had been obviously thinking that it was a tire or wheel issue. Today I was sitting in the car, and brought the RPMs up a bit, and I could feel a vibration going through the car between...
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    FS: 71-72 LS3 Air Cleaner

    I might be interested in the air cleaner for my car. I have one, but it's in fair condition. I will get in touch with you, and possibly stop by at some point.
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    Rear Spoiler, 70-71 Low 1pc

    This is an original OEM short 1pc rear spoiler that I removed from a 70 Camaro SS parts car many years ago. I have been hanging onto it just in case I might have a use for it someday, but I've come to the realization that I'm never going to use it. SOLD...
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    What do,you think of this stamp?

    Wasn't the last letter of the suffix code stamped on the assembly line once the transmission type was determined? The first part was done during the engine build, but at that time they had no idea if the car was going to be manual or auto. That would explain the runoff of the last letter. The...
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    Hurst Ram Rod Shifter for sale

    I had one of those on my car back in the 80s, and it was the best shifter I've ever had. Banged through many gears, without ever missing one. I took it off my car prior to selling it, and I hung onto it until a few years ago. I kinda regret selling it, but the chances of me using it again were...
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    Does my old Race Friend want too much for his parts

    Just curious what you want for just a set of the heads? A friend of mine is looking for some.
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    POST: your car and we don't ask again

    My 1972 Z-28 that I've owned since 1994. The car came out of NC, sold at Larry Smith Chevrolet.