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  1. gregh

    My youtube site I modified a bunch last night

    Everything from my car to a few bone stock 2nd Gens going down the track. There are some "Of the the other guys too" but not too many, after all, its my site, LOL Mostly about my car but camertoms there too and a few other camaros
  2. gregh

    since the swap meet so meessed up, I'll post a link to my ad in here

    Yup, the beast is up for sale, with having no track for 200 miles any more, I've decided:eek: to sell my car:o :o :o :o :screwup: :whine: :confused:
  3. gregh

    Anyone going to the Marion County/AHRA race this weekend?

    It doesn't matter if you are spectating or racing. If you are going to be there, can you pm me? I have a favor to ask.
  4. gregh

    36th annual Okotoks Alberta Collector Car Auction

    I got asked by the new owner of this auction to post this. He's putting some of the cars from his personal collection in it & there will be a bunch more amazing cars. 36th annual Okotoks Collector Car Auction May 29, 2010 Consign now, good spots still available...
  5. gregh

    First runs of the year in Calgary

    I went out today with the Calgary Drag Race Association & opened up the tower, got a bunch of junk sorted & tested out the timing system. My car is still apart for another couple days so I brought the GF's 1980 Camaro that I just finished putting together this winter. Basic specs, SBC 400...
  6. gregh

    Anual Spring time weight reduction

    Yup, it was time to clean out the wheel wells from last season. Just shy of 5lbs this year, I'll have to see if the car runs quicker with the lower weight, LOL.
  7. gregh

    Power door lock issues, help!!

    I'm working on my 1980 camaro & the power door locks are dead. There is power to the switch but nothing going to the solinoids. I assume there a relay, where is it? I don't want to have to pull the kick panels to trace the wires if I can avoid it. Has anyone ran into this?
  8. gregh

    Classis Industries Door panel question

    Has anyone ordered a set of the Classic Industries door panels? I'm looking to order a set of these assembled panels & the shop doesn't know if the window crank hole is already there or not. My 2nd camaro has power windows & door locks & I'm not trying for perfectly correct so if the crank...
  9. gregh

    Added one more to the fleet.

    Left to right, my car(we call it "A"), car "B" that I put together mostly out of spare part for my GF to drive & the latest addition to the fleet is car "C" which I just bought today to replace B. B is going to get stripped apart down to a shell because the slimeball I bought it from didn't...
  10. gregh

    Newest track pics & some suspension questions.

    I went racing yesterday & had a mediocre day, traction was not great, either I spun or had tire shake on every run. Best run of the day was a [email protected](5100ft DA) with a 1.648 60ft & a pile of spin. I adjusted my caltracs a few times, adding more pre-load & then ended up on my final 2 runs...
  11. gregh

    Camaro's in movies, here is the definitive list, I think.

    Internet Movie Car Database I stumbled across this, 768 Camaro's found in movies, thought it was cool.
  12. gregh

    New best time on a crappy air day.

    We had a street car event happening at Race City this weekend & I set a new best ET for myself on my first run. It hooked hard of the line & ran clean all the way down, hit 1.512 on the 60ft & [email protected] I was very happy considering the air was 5400ft at the time! I made 3 other passes but...
  13. gregh

    Anyone heading to Street Machine weekend in Lethbridge? We are heading down tomorrow afternoon & comming back Sunday. Should be a blast!
  14. gregh

    TH350 issues

    I had a tranny built last year by a local racing guru, it's been flawless( over 200 passes) till this weekend. It suddenly started acting like it has a manual valve body & it won't upshirt automatically. If you manually shift gears, it shifts perfect, maybe even a little harsher than before...
  15. gregh

    Well, we are racing in Cowtown, finally.

    After a bunch of delays due to a late spring, we finally got out to the track last Friday & again tonight. I was doing some test runs last week, trying to get my timing nailed down & get a feel for the solid roller cam I installed last month.. Nothing spectacular happened for me, I ran a best...
  16. gregh

    Twisted axle, part 2

    About 18 months ago, I snapped an axle at the track, luckily I had c-clip eliminators & the damage was solely the axle. Those axles were Superior brand & I upgraded to a set of Moser 28 spline axles & never really gave it another thought till this morning when I pulled an axle to seal up a leaky...
  17. gregh

    The difference between Canadian Law & American Law

    A farmer in Central Alberta caught 3 guys sneaking around his property, one of them jumped on the farmers quad & tried to drive off with it. The farmer chased the guy down, rammed the quad & then fired 2 rounds from a shotgun at the thief. He wounded him but the guy got away. The farmer then...
  18. gregh

    Switching from a flat cam to a roller, questions from a roller virgin

    I've had to change my plans for 2009 & so instead of a complete engine swap, I'm going to do a cam swap & run my same 409cid engine from last season. I've been running a Reed custom grind solid flat cam & it's been great but I was planning a solid roller anyways(for the new engine) & I stumbled...
  19. gregh

    Highway of Hero's, saluting Canadian soldiers

    I got this in an email & thought it was important enough to host & share. It's powerpoint & 3.5 megs but very well worth it.
  20. gregh

    Any law enforcement guys on tonight?

    I'm might be about to buy a trailer & I need to get a US licence plate checked(CA I think), I don't need an address or anything just a check to see if it stolen or anything along those line. Can anyone lend a hand?