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  1. JD Z

    Tachometer needle bouncing around over 4000

    I’m looking to track down the likely contributor to my tachometer issue. It works as normal until it gets to 4000 RPM and the needle bounces around like crazy. The car runs great, just the needle bouncing. It’s a 1980 Z28. Would things like the tach filter contribute? I’m hoping the...
  2. JD Z

    Tachometer bounces wild over 4000

    I’m wondering what might be contributing to my tachometer working perfectly until 4000 rpm. Then it bounces around like crazy. Ideas? Thanks.
  3. JD Z

    2nd Gen Door latch/striker

    My driver door was closing to far in. The panels were not smooth, with the door closing and bringing the door panel in a tad too far compared to the rear quarter panel. I started by adjusting the striker. Now it looks good panel to panel, but as I drive, the door rattles. It seems, it is...
  4. JD Z

    Headers 80Z

    Contemplating a header install. I have an 80Z with a set of Hedman long tube headers. They are aged and rusty. I would like a fresh set good for the long haul. Ceramic/chrome No, I don’t have a lift, simple jack and jack stands. If I replace with Hedman long tubes, will they replace from...
  5. JD Z

    Taylor 8MM Pro Wires

    Hey guys, a simpleton question. I just received universal wires by Taylor. I’m wondering what the boot is that comes on the wires? It seems there are enough boots to build the distributor and plug ends. Just wondering what the boot already on the wires are for?
  6. JD Z

    Turn signal failure

    There are multiple similar posts, please accept my apologies as I need a little more advice/direction. My tail lights and turn signals all work as needed when the headlights are off. The dash turn indicator lights work as well. The flashers works as well. When I turn on the headlights, the...
  7. JD Z

    1980 side fender vents

    how do you take the side fender vents out. Mine have a white gasket behind them that shows. Would like to trim that gasket.
  8. JD Z

    Removing 2nd Gen rear spoiler

    I’m needing to take a rear corner spoiler off to use it for paint match. It’s not painted on. I loosened one on the car in the past to adjust it, but didn’t take it off. To remove it, is it as easy as taking the two nuts off and pulling it out/up? Is there anything else to wrestle with or...
  9. JD Z

    1980 bright blue paint - code 24…OR

    I ordered touch up paint in GM code 24 (which is the number on the plate). As I tested the color it was pretty close with just the paint, but with the clearcoat, it is darker. One gent on this forum said my car is a 1979 based on the color. I wonder if the previous owner repainted in a...
  10. JD Z

    Dome light 80Z

    The dome light stopped working. I ran a ground wire to the light and it comes on. Where do I go from here to track down the ground problem? Thanks!
  11. JD Z

    Touch up paint TIPS

    I have a number of chips and the tip of my front bumper needs some light bondo and a spray over. I ordered my GM paint color from It comes with a 2oz bottle of paint, 2oz bottle of clear coat. Also spray cans of paint and clear coat. Rubbing compound and adhesion...
  12. JD Z

    Tag besides VIN

    I’m told there should be a tag in the engine bay that has numbers/letters on it. Someone said it tells the interior color, etc. is there another tag with codes in the engine bay? Thanks all.
  13. JD Z

    Seat belts between seats and console

    How best to go about getting the seat belt floor clip to not fall to the floor. I have to dig it out every time Input my seat belt on. Tighten up the screw that attaches it to the floor? Do I have to take the seat out for that? Thanks all.
  14. JD Z

    1980 Z28 Cowl induction. Replace solenoid.

    I’m needing to replace the solenoid. Any tips and tricks? Seems it should be easy removing the bolts under the hood. What should I know to start this effort? Thanks gents!
  15. JD Z

    Washer Pump wiring

    Im installing a wiper pump motor on a 1980 Camaro. The question I have is under the green box, which prong connects to the Red wire and witch prong connects to the Pink wire. My guess, the left/rear prong is Pink and the right prong is Red. The center is already Orange. Anyone have...
  16. JD Z

    Holley 750

    $200 plus shipping. Mechanical secondaries.
  17. JD Z

    What goup to buy for kick panels?

    I took out my kick panels and will be putting in speaker kicks. I’ll need some of that black goup to seal it all back up. What might I get at HomeDepot or Lowe’s...or online. It’s like tar stuff. Thanks gents.
  18. JD Z

    Is this stock...door jam floor pan

    I took the door jams off this weekend. I’m wondering what this tin screwed in is about. Was that stock or does it indicate floor pan work? Picture attached. Thanks!
  19. JD Z

    2nd Gen Stereo Sub in the trunk

    Looking to upgrade the stereo with a sub in the trunk. Trunks are pretty tight. What kind of an enclosure are folks using for a 12” sub? I have a 12” sub speaker already. Seems I’ll have to fabricate one myself.
  20. JD Z

    Hooking up an amplifier

    my pioneer amp manual says to run 8 gauge wire directly from the battery for power. Since this is a car with little drive time, won’t the battery run down? It will sit for a month or more often? I’m Leary of hooking up direct or does the amp not draw current if the radio isn’t on? Sorry...