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  1. krabben1

    Chemical Stripper For 3 Piece Spoiler?

    Anyone got a solid lead on something they used to strip theirs? I got a heavy hand,so Im trying not to mechanical it.
  2. krabben1

    Should I,Or Shouldn't I ? 3 Piece spoiler.

    When I built my car,I installed the one piece spoiler.All I saw back then was mostly 3 piece everywhere,so I went with a one piece,which i love. But now Im liking the 3 piece,and Im spraying now,so matching wouldnt be that much for me. But,drilling those holes in my quarters,man,it's a turn off.
  3. krabben1

    My Squeaking Noise Came Back After QA1 Install

    I had loud crickets chirping after my QA1 install upfront.Very loud,both sides. Took the sway bar apart and SOKED it and the endlinks in marine grease,re-greased all the other stuff. Front end was rebuilt with all Moog stuff 7K miles ago,all still looked good and tight. Called into tech support...
  4. krabben1

    Widened Z 5 Spoke Wheels

    Does anyone have pics of their,or someone's widened Z 5 spokes? Was looking for the front pic,and the rear. Im thinking of finally popping on having two done,was curious on final look and fit. Was only going to do 1",or 1.5" max.
  5. krabben1

    Repro Centercaps-5 spokes

    I recently bought a set of centercaps from yearone.Did not notice they were the plastic ones.So theyre mine now. Anyone use them?Wondering if there's any down the road problems with the plastic tabs breaking off.
  6. krabben1

    Has Anyone Used The QA1 Pro Coilover Systems Fronts?

    Ive been mulling these over.They bolt right into stock stamps,and allow you to adjust the ride height. Does anyone have experience with these specific ones? Im thinking either them,or the slightly lighter ones on my full iron bb 72.Im going...
  7. krabben1

    Looking For The "D"Shaped Retainer Clip-Remote Mirror Bezel

    Im looking for one or two of the d shaped retainer clips that hold the adjuster cable to the bezel for the sport/bullet mirrors.Anyone got?
  8. krabben1

    Need Factory GM Bullet Mirror Gaskets-Used

    Im looking for one or two used body/mirror base gaskets for the sport/bullet mirrors. Im told they arent handed,but the repops I have dont fit well for the pass side. LMK if anyone has any.
  9. krabben1

    Heard hhot71 Passed
  10. krabben1

    So Im Getting All Kinds Of PMs,On Other Social Media

    About my car being on the boardwalk in Wildwood. I know its you Jeff!!!! I dont have body colored mirrors,a three piece spoiler,cragars,power brakes,or smallblock! lol
  11. krabben1

    Nice 5.3 Truck Motor Build By Notalent

    Here's a nice 5.3 LS build from Notalent he posted over on chevelles. Thing is stout.
  12. krabben1

    Is GL-4 Hard To Find In Your Area?

    Its virtually disappeared in mine. I use the CRC-Stalube brand that's safe for synchros.Napa used to carry it,they only had a gallon jug left. No one else has it.Its all GL-5,which they all say is good for GL4,but Valvoline's the only one thats kind enough to warn you on the label its only for...
  13. krabben1

    Can A Video Signal For A Laptop Run Thru An HDMI?

    My wife has a laptop from work.Shes trying to run it thru our all in one downstairs because it has a bigger screen. But of course,there is no video cable port since it doesnt need one.Work guys gave her an hdmi cable and adapter,but it still not working. Is it hopeless,lol.
  14. krabben1

    Would I Be Crazy If I

    Put a medium blue carpet in my all black interior camaro? I put one in my chevelle,and I love it. I was also pondering a blue headliner,but retaining everything else black.
  15. krabben1

    My Little Project-Thanks Vic Edelbrock

    So when I finally got a decent manifold for my 468 build,there was no second guessing the quality,since it was edelbrock. Installed it,painted it,grinded on it(since vic dont recognize holley carbs)for the electric choke/rpm screw linkage to clear. About a month later,go to put the carb on,no...
  16. krabben1


    There's a SMOKIN camaro on my May calendar page.
  17. krabben1

    Wheres A Good Local Place To Find Aluminum Bolts?

    Im looking for a 5/16 x 18 aluminum bolt(2). Would need to be at least 1.25 long. Looking like a hard thing to find without ordering online.
  18. krabben1

    Interesting.Video On Smashing Denting Headers

    I have to do it once in awhile,and never worried. Nice to see it doesnt matter too much.
  19. krabben1

    This Old Flywheel Worth Anything?

    Did a little cleaning in my shop.Decided to get rid of two things on craigslist(if I can)that are taking up space. This is an old flywheel,good condition,except for suface rust from sitting unprotected in my shop.Does look like it would clean up nice,teeth are all good. Its the 10.5 one. What...
  20. krabben1

    Anyone Else's Nasty Been Freezing?

    Mine's been freezing when I hit a post or reply in Chrome. Opened it up in mozilla and so far so good.

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