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    buying online escrow company scam?

    has anyone run into issues by using a company out of Houston called Allied Trust Shipping? their website looks legit But..... no listing on BBB and they want your SSN to complete a purchase. Seller is a widow who cannot be reached via phone and is using Allied as an escrow and shipping company...
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    Replace the Parking brake handle

    heat the old handle with a heat gun or even a bic lighter to soften it up then pull it off. gloves are recommended
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    Big blick fan shroud with a small blick

    Ha! Just noticed the typo in the title. Dont recall typing that. Fat finger syndrome😖. So the takeaway is the big block shroud will work but the quality of the repop part sucks.
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    WTB. 73 RS long fender bars

    Need a pair of the longer fender to core support reinforcement Bars for a 73 RS. Is anyone making these? Shouldn't seem like it would be too difficult to fabricate
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    Big blick fan shroud with a small blick

    Couldn't really find a definitive answer but will a big block shroud work with a small block and the 26" core radiator. Adding a fan spacer would not be a problem
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    True Value for NOS RS Nose

    Didnt intend to hijack this thread but since we're talking RS parts and 1973 came up dies anyone know where there are any 73 only long core support to fender bars?
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    WTB. 1973 RS Long bars

    I just acquired a 73 RS and it is missing the long crash bars from the core support to the fenders. It has all the other correct reinforcements .
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    Wtb Console 73 81

    sent pm
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    Wtb Console 73 81

    Looking for a nice console preferably complete with door and compartment
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    Looking for crappy winshield moldings and RS bumpers

    Nope, dont have any of those to trade, What do you have that I could use?
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    Looking for crappy winshield moldings and RS bumpers

    Phil, what part is the front bumper filler?
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    Looking for crappy winshield moldings and RS bumpers

    I'm looking for some scratched or sand blasted windshield and back glass moldings that you guys wouldn't normally use to use on my 72 which I plan to paint to match the car. Mine I have are perfectly polished and will be saved for another restoration. Same for the RS bumpers. Donations...
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    need a console 70-72

    sorry need a complete console thanks anyway
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    need a console 70-72

    looking for a nice 70-72 complete console. Don
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    Looking for auto shifter ideas

    thanks for the links to the B&M shifter. A possibility for sure. 73 up console I see, but it will work.
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    Looking for auto shifter ideas

    Got a 72 with an auto column shift that I want to convert to floor. Going restomod so I don't necessarily need to go stock horseshoe but I could if I could locate everything reasonably. Not interested in buying all new repop. Looking for ideas for aftermarket shifters with a console. Whether it...
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    console wanted 2nd gen

    have a 72 with a column shift and looking to convert to console/floor shift need everything..will consider 74 up too
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    WTB 17s or 18s set of wheels

    Looking for a nice set of wheels and tires for a 72. Pro touring resto-mod style. 17s or 18s
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    New 72 in AZ needs wheels and console

    just picked up a 72. Looking for a set of 17s or 18s and a complete console and shifter
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    will 18 x 10's with 5" bs fit?

    searched for awhile and didn't find an answer. Looking to buy a set of TTII's that are 17x8 with 4" bs and 18x10"s with 5"bs for a 72 that is lowered 2". these rims have a preety deep dish and I'm thinking they might stick out too far and look dated. Anybody know if they will work or not? Thanks

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