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  1. Bikefixr

    WTB: Holley 125-208 Dual Stage Power Valve.

    Anyone holding? 125-208 or a 125-206 2-stage valve needed.
  2. Bikefixr


    Does ANYONE make a really good quality carpet set? I'm on set #3 for my '71. It' just falls apart and gets that nasty fuzzy thing going on. Looks like crap after a season.
  3. Bikefixr

    FS: 71-72 LS3 Air Cleaner

    I've decided to let one of my BB LS-3 air cleaners go. Dual snorkel. Special to these cars and flat-hood BB 71-72 Chevelles. Good shape, not perfect. Momma wants 3 new bathrooms.... The case is $450. I can ship inexpensively. I also have the complete hot-air assemblies which are also...
  4. Bikefixr

    70-73 Tail Lights

    I have 4 tail light assemblies. Selling as the lot only. $55 including shipping. Not sending pics and such...they are usable, decent driver quality. Pls reply to my regular e-mail. [email protected]
  5. Bikefixr

    It's been a 15 year affair now, and it got me thinking: Why cars are better than women

    Why are cars better than women? Here are some of my thoughts. Keep it going with your own. 1) The headlights are always the same, appropriately sized and point straight ahead. 2) The Intake is a reasonable distance from the exhaust. 3) Replacement parts don't always cost a small fortune 4)...
  6. Bikefixr

    We really do need your help!

    Hi everyone. Been a member for quite a while now. I've seen how the community here can pull together, so I'm asking a favor. Do you have any N-95 rated masks on your shelves or available in your area? I am a Registered Nurse in NJ within a spit of NYC. Our Hospitals are overwhelmed. And...
  7. Bikefixr

    Pertronix Ignition Coil. New

    Another screw-up. Converted to HEI and bought the wrong coil. It a dog 'till I figured out I had the wrong coil. Oh well. Another $45 down the crapper. $20 + ride.
  8. Bikefixr

    2 Aluminum SBC water pumps

    This is what happens when you didn't know that certain Corvettes use a special pump... 1 is a Weiand Action Plus and was $125. 1 is a Speedway and it was $65. Both are new and never used. Both are the short style. Beyond that, I know nothing, so you gotta look it up. Weiand $60 + ride...
  9. Bikefixr

    4 BFG Silvertown Radial T/A Redline tires

    Set of 4. 205/75R/14. These are in gorgeous shape. Virtually no miles. They were on my '67 Nova for maybe 1000 miles. The fronts would just graze my virgin front fenders when turning over a bump. I almost crapped my pants. So I went down a size. These are bagged and stored in the AC. They are...
  10. Bikefixr

    4 tail light assemblies.

    $40 + the ride. I'll make every effort to ship as cheaply as possible. If you have a UPS or FEDEX acct, you can do it that way. I'll help any way I can.
  11. Bikefixr

    71-72 LS3 Big Block air cleaner and manifold hot air assemblies

    I know a couple people reached out to me about these...and I managed to lose all those e-mails in a purge. So I'll just put it up here. I have 2 LS-3 air cleaners. They are both in decent shape. But they are not perfect. If you need that, there's one on EBAY for $800. Mine are $400 shipped in...
  12. Bikefixr

    70-73 Tail Lights

    Maybe someone can give these a good home. 1 matched set standard, 1 set RS. Just trying to clean stuff out. $40 + the ride? I'll jam them in the smallest box I can.
  13. Bikefixr

    HELP! Chevy Tech's. Not Camaro.

    We've all heard that no good deed goes unpunished. So here I am. Subject is a no-start 96 Chevy van w/5.7L auto. Doing a favor for someone on this vehicle. I was looking for a trigger wire for a relay and managed to short a heavy white (untraced) wire under the column that had an old, uncovered...
  14. Bikefixr

    71-72 SS396 LS3 correct air cleaner

    I have a few. This is the nicest one. This is the ONLY air cleaner that is correct for the LS-3 cars. It is not reproduced, and never will be. Also fit the 71-72 396 Chevelle with the flat hood and the non-operational blister hood. Offering to my NASTY friends before I put it on the Chevelle...
  15. Bikefixr

    Am I a Traitor? I joined the NOVA fold...

    Yeah, I still have my '71 SS 396 4sp. But it needs attention, and I got this to carry me over while the Camaro gets some needed TLC. Early '67 SS 327. Engine was warmed over. Cam, ported 461X 2.02 heads. Ported exhaust manifolds and intake. Externally stock. Heavily worked TH200 OD trans and...
  16. Bikefixr

    Mastercool 71745-PRC tube flaring kit

    Best there is. Used ONE time. Perfect with all pieces, warranty card, extra tube cutter. $250 shipped in CONUS.
  17. Bikefixr

    9k mile '78 Z/28 For Sale in FL He wants a staggering $60,000! But he DOES say it 'could' be worth $1,000,000 in 10+ years...Gorgeous car, but really, $35K is more like it for a smog Z.
  18. Bikefixr

    Any NASTY friends in San Anselmo, CA?

    I'm trying to buy a bottle of my favorite Scotch. It's not available anymore. I found a place in San Anselmo that has a bottle, but they can't ship to NJ. Is there a Nasty friend that can pick it up and FEDEX it to me in NJ? They'll box it up.
  19. Bikefixr

    Shame on GM

    Massive multi-billion dollar bailouts. Record profits. Record sales. Putting 14 THOUSAND people out of work while they swim is cash.
  20. Bikefixr

    12 Bolt Diff, what's it worth?

    Someone offered me a factory 4:10 12-bolt with positraction. Drum to drum with rebuilt brakes, shoes, cylinders, new bearing/ signs of damage and wear pattern on GM gears looks great. Worth $1200? Been ages since I bought one of these. I have a 12 bolt in my car now, but it whines...

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