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    Canadian built 1981 Z-28

    What should a Canadian built VIN tag show for a 1981 350 4 SPD? 1G1AP87LX BN110986 I saw this Z on Ebay. The X is something I have not seen...
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    Parts Geek

    Has anyone used them? I placed an order for brake Pads and front rotors on my 2005 XUV. The price was so low for the kit I thought why not. The parts arrived very quickly but Ace Ventura Must have been the delivery guy. The rotors made it but the brake pads must have fallen out of the box...
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    Mad Max MFP looking Camaro
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    Welding on Late model cars

    Is it a good idea to disconnect the battery before attempting to weld on a vehicle such as a 2018 CR-V? Not sure if that would cause an issue with sensitive electronics. My wife likes to take her car to the dealer for every oil change. She sees the wrench light come on then it is a big hurry...
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    Has anyone applied for a COVID -19 EIDL From SBA?

    Just curious if anyone has applied.
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    Unemployment filing

    Has anyone tried to file?
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    What a Deal LOL
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    Has anyone been locked out of their AT&T acount Lately?

    I have been locked out and had to change password several times in the last couple months. This is also on my EBAY and just today My Apple ID was used and they got on to my account? IDK how they did since I just changed the pass word a couple days ago. When I log in the list of devices has...
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    Buick Century Super charged?

    This is one of those things where I did not think it could run if the belt was not turning the Blower. Meaning no belt there. I was asked to help start a neighbors car. The Bat cells were dry on top. No water. I finally got this thing to start. Why does it run without the blower turning? This...
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    Have you seen this collection on E-Bay ?
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    When should you hire a Lawyer?

    That is the question. My Wife was rear ended in her New 2018 CR-V. She stopped behind a city bus while it was at a Bus stop. The driver slammed into the rear about 20 seconds later. The driver was not a listed person on the owners insurance policy but was given permission to drive. The...
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    Semper Fidelis Marines

    Happy 243nd Birthday!
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    VIN TAG Star symbol ?

    What does the star symbol indicate? Anyone see this before? Hmm...
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    First use of the word Humankind

    Does anyone know when the use of the word Humankind first started as in Date? If I enter it in Google it reverts to Mankind. I did all kind of searches and came up empty other than going to one of the Dictionary sites where it only gives a definition. Do we have a Linguist here to shed some...
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    Ebay 73 Z28 What do you...
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    Real School

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    Something I saw on Team Camaro

    I have never seen this on a Camaro before. The car is in nice condition but with the window and the partial vinyl roof cover kinda looks weird.
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    1979 Camaro I saw this on Ebay.
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    Buying a Portable Home Generator

    What brand Generator do you folks think is the best value? I was looking at a bunch on line. Has anyone used one of the Units that plugs into the meter box like Home run or Genlink? I watched a couple you tubers hook up a back feed plug. One did it the illegal way by using the dryer...
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    Memorial Day Salute

    Hope everyone has a great day today. Honor our fallen and fly your colors with pride. We live in the best country where we are free because of blood sacrifice. Semper Fi...

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