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    71 Camaro script "Camaro" fender emblem measurments

    I am trying to complete my restoration and need to drill holes for my fender emblems before going to paint. There are several older threads about fender emblems for the SS or Z28 badges but not many for the scripted "Camaro" fender emblem. I do have an assembly manual and have looked at the...
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    Electric pump on carburetor whats the best setup?

    I'm not sure if this helps but in 1984 the Camaro with a 305 H.O. engine had this exact same setup. The electric fuel pump in the tank served to both prime the fuel system and prevent vapor lock. It also had a mechanical fuel pump and a return line. I think that the pump would just run to...
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    1971 Lower door panel clips

    Thanks for that tip. I’ve been scouring eBay and marketplace trying to find one. If I don’t find one soon I’m thinking about using those small axel caps at lowes. I’m not sure if capping over them and tapping a new screw hole will work but I fit sure don’t want loose dirt panels. This is...
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    1971 Lower door panel clips

    What is everybody doing for the clips that hold the lower plastic door panel to the full cardboard door panel on a 70 and 71? I have all the screws but am missing a few clips.
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    Console Parts

    Has anybody had any luck finding or making these parts? I am putting my console in and would really like to do it correctly.
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    1970-73 camaro part.

    I'm looking for the lower ac lap vents for a 71 camaro. Does anybody have any?
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    ignition switch-accessory position

    Same problem I have exactly the same problem with my 71. Did anyone determine if this is the electrical portion of the switch?
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    Dealer installed AC?????

    I'm currently rebuilding the AC in my 71. Just wanted to say that Classic Auto Air has been awesome at helping me get everything I needed from hoses to condenser and evaporator. They are even rebuilding my POA valve and calibrating for 134a. The people there are also really nice and knowledgeable.
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    WTB 71 Camaro back drive linkage

    I am looking for a back drive linkage for a 71 Camaro to connect the steering column to the automatic floor shifter/transmission. Does anyone have one or know where i can find?

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