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    Male Logic

    Critical Thinking At Its Best! Woman: Do you drink beer? Man: Yes Woman: How many beers a day? Man: Usually about 3 Woman: How much do you pay per beer? Man: $5.00 which includes a tip(This is where it gets scary !) Woman: And how long have you...
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    The Classics

    What classics do you guys remember from school and have your kids read them? 1. Huck Finn 2. To kill a mockingbird 3. Lord of the Flies 4. 1984 5. Animal Farm (my favorite) 6. The Outsiders 7. Great Gatsby 8. Atlas Shrugged 7.......
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    Supercar Dummies
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    Move over Danica

    She's hotter and can probably actually drive....and, she's probably not a bee-otch....
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    Its Here: Generation Snowflake

    Meet ‘Generation Snowflake’ – the hysterical young women who can’t cope with being offended We have achieved greatness, lol
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    And this dumbass can vote???? She thinks the District of Columbia is another country....
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    Kung Fury

    Best guilty pleasure movie on Netflix
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    Fun with Apps

    Sitting in a car stealership waiting for warranty work and watching a Cankelpotamus on TV annoy everyone with her drivel. I realized that the Vizio TVs have a great App to change the channel.....imagine the fun you can have with this.....there were more grins than frowns when both TVs were...
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    Camaro Movie Sighting

    Movie: Pixels. Time: first minute of movie, same 75 Camaro twice in the background That is all....
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    A London lawyer runs a stop sign and gets pulled over by an Irish cop. He thinks that he is smarter than the cop because he is a lawyer from LONDON and is certain that he has a better education then any Irish cop. He decides to prove this to himself and have some fun at the Irish cop's expense...
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    Professional Cuddle

    Oh hell no...
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    More Facebook B.S.
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    4 Banger HP Enjoy, this is a 4 banger that my father has been working on (engine builder) for a few years now. He basically keeps it running for the owner/driver/ Get to the end of the video where he makes the...
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    Munchies at the Gym Awesome............I hear there is a Pizza Joint Next door.........
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    Tacos and Burritos
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    Do it Corey:
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    Afternoon Naps
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    What to do after High School Graduation
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    JOTD - Funnies

    AT 68 I just took a leaflet out of my mailbox, informing me that I can have sex at 68. I'm so happy, because I live at number 72. So it's not too far to walk home afterwards. And it's the same side of the street. I don't even have to cross the road! ~~~~~ Answering machine...
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    Well...I think we have arrived....... Ever look around and see the walls closing in?

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