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    Does anyone here know this car?

    Yeah, I already moved on. Thank you for y’all’s input. I have a 26-26-715 1970 RS Z28 MT Van Nuys car at Joey Gray’s now for restoration. It’s technically my wife’s car. Original engine, bought it from the 2nd owner etc. I was gonna get one for myself too and thought it would be cool to have a...
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    1970 L78 Camaro wanted

    Like the title says, looking for a L78 1970 Camaro. Not really too concerned with color but definitely want it to have the original engine. Restored or needing to be, either is fine. Thanks for looking!
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    Does anyone here know this car?

    Cars-On-Line 1970 Z/28 If so, would like some insight on it before reaching out…
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    Thoughts on this 70Z - Ebay

    Steering wheel definitely isn’t correct if it’s a real RS. Think the shift knob is supposed to be chrome on the console 4-speeds, but that’s easy to fix. I’d get a pic of the cowl tag if possible (hoping I didn’t miss a picture of that). EDIT- Aren’t the tail lamps slightly different on RS...
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    Need a suggestion for a restoration shop

    I ended up choosing Joey Gray. Car will be enroute to him by this coming week. Here are the pics
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    Need a suggestion for a restoration shop

    Concours. And I realize it won’t be priced like Maaco lol Yes, I’m not expecting to buy a Patek Philippe on a Seiko budget. Thank you all so far for the recommendations.
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    Need a suggestion for a restoration shop

    I'm hoping this is the best place for this thread. Sorry if it isn't and if not would a mod please direct me to the right place... I have an opportunity to buy a 1970 RS Z/28. The owner was a (now retired) co-worker who bought the car 2nd hand when he exited the Corps in 1971. I've done a LOT...

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