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  1. MidniteZ

    As we were coming out of Wal Mart this morning....

    This was rolling in. I've seen side pipes and dual exhaust pipes, but never at the same time. And I didn't see any GT badging on it and it was really quiet.
  2. MidniteZ

    The 2 word game

    Need to get things moving here. If this has been done before, I apologize. Couldn't find on search so here we go. Saw this on another forum. Sure you all know how to play, but if not, the first person posting(me) will post a two word phrase. The next poster will take the last word and add...
  3. MidniteZ

    Four speed swap package

    I have my OEM four speed console, OER bezel and screws, aftermarket upper boot and trim ring and OEM console box with after market soft lid for sale. As a bonus I have a good template for those wanting to do the auto to four speed swap. The console is in really good shape for its age. A few...
  4. MidniteZ

    I knew I was in trouble when....

    I saw the Jiffy Lube sticker in the corner of the windshield. Went to change the oil in my new to me used truck this morning. Saw that Jiffy Lube did the last oil change by the sticker in the window, so I knew it would be a battle. What should have been a twenty minute job turned into about a...
  5. MidniteZ

    Front chin spoiler sides, lap vents, fender extensions

    Front chin spoiler sides from a 79 Z28. These are in really nice shape. Just a little scuffing on the corners. All the mounting holes are intact. No tears, rips, cuts. All but one of the little metal grommets in the small screw holes is still in place. $100.00 plus shipping. Left and...
  6. MidniteZ

    Hurst shifter linkage

    Hurst shifter linkage $100 shipped Shift linkage from a Hurst super comp plus shifter for a Borg Warner super t-10. The shifter came with the tranny I bought. Shifter is sold but I still have the linkage. Should be everything you need, mounting bolts included. Whats in the pics is what you...
  7. MidniteZ

    B&M Console Megashifter

    B&M console megashifter in great shape. I've had this in my car for about three years and it's seen very little use. It is very clean and works like new. A little scuffing on the chrome cover plate, but nothing severe. Everything is there, including a copy of the instructions. I even fixed the...
  8. MidniteZ

    Extra parts for sale

    73-81 Automatic console glove box This is in really good shape. The mounting holes are in great shape. This comes with the spring, latch, latch spring and mount screws for your lid. The previous lid hinge wore a groove into the box. It has been repaired and works fine. The hinge is in real good...
  9. MidniteZ

    WTB Five spoke center caps

    Anyone have extra center caps lying around for the steel five spoke Z28 wheels? Don't have to be perfect and the center emblem doesn't matter since I will be removing it anyway. Just have to be able to mount them and they can't be too beat up.
  10. MidniteZ

    NOS tach. for sale

    Not mine.
  11. MidniteZ

    Anybody need seat belts?

    Saw these in local Craigslist.
  12. MidniteZ

    Still have more parts

    Extra parts need to go Gotta get rid of these parts I don't need. All prices are OBO and don't include shipping. I will consider trades. I need a drop base air filter with 2.5 inches from base to top. Also need a fuel pressure regulator. Automatic console out of my '79 (looks like it was from...
  13. MidniteZ

    Visor repair

    Spent half of yesterday restuffing my worn sunvisors. I was originally gonna get replacements, but at $85 plus shipping, I figured I'd try it myself. I hate spending money I don't have to and I like to do things myself. These are the tools I needed. This is what I started with. Foam was...
  14. MidniteZ

    Couple of more parts

    Got some horn caps to get rid of. $5.00 each on these. The first is a cap with the black Z28 emblem. Originally dark carmine, but dyed black. No stress cracks in the emblem and all the mount tabs are on the retainer. SOLD Next is a bow tie emblem cap. Originally dark blue but dyed black...
  15. MidniteZ

    A few more shed items

    Firewall guard in great shape. No cracks. $5.00. SOLD Driver side dark carmine A/C lap vent. One tab broken but should mount just fine. $5.00 SOLD Set of '77-'78 center caps. 3 are used and one is a repop. Pretty good condition. $35.00. SOLD 2 Pontiac seat backs. Came off my '79...
  16. MidniteZ

    Shed cleaning = Parts-part 4

    Seven blade fan with 2" spacer. $5.00 Four speed pedal assembly. $50.00 SOLD Seven blade GM fan with clutch. The clutch looks fairly new, but it came with the car, so theres no way to know for sure. Fan is painted red, obviously. $40.00 Trans Dapt chrome 5 1/2 inch radiator shroud...
  17. MidniteZ

    Shed cleaning = Part-part 3

    Dash bezel. Comes with the switches shown but I have no idea whether they work or not. A little dirty. A small crack at the right side upper mount point (see pic). Can epoxy it and you wont even see it. The other upper mount point has a smaller crack that I couldn't get pics of. $15.00 (sorry i...
  18. MidniteZ

    Shed cleaning = Parts-part 2

    Inner driver side seat track. $5.00 Two dark blue seat buns. Never repainted. Some scratches and a little faded, but some paint and very usable. $10.00. Trunk lid torsion springs for spoiler. Rusty spots cleaned and primed. Good shape. $30.00 - SOLD Exhaust hanger brackets. $5.00 -...
  19. MidniteZ

    Shed cleaning = Parts

    I need room so I cleaned out the shed and the garage. This stuff has to go. Buy it or it's dumpster time. Prices do not include shipping and I am always receptive to reasonable offers. Edelbrock manual choke 600 cfm carb. Got it with a bunch of other parts and used it for the initial start up...
  20. MidniteZ

    WTB: Rear seat bottom

    Looking for one rear seat bottom for my '79. Really just need the springs/frame, but will take the whole thing if you don't want to separate it. Upholstery or foam doesn't matter as I only need the frame. Let me know what you have and how much. Thanks guys.

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