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    GM production line water pump casting date?

    My block was cast first week of May, assembled last week of May. What month water pump casting date should I be looking for, May or June? My original fuel pump is dated 153rd day of 71 or June 2nd, could accessories be cast after the engine was assembled?
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    3942538 balancer question?

    Hi, no part or casting # only 7173, what did I buy? Acceptable for a 71 LT1? Thanks
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    Could this be a 3986330 RH Z28 manifold?

    Date code looks like B 6 1, what do you guys think? Thanks
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    3989041 exhaust manifold K 1 1 date code on front

    Looks like date code of K 1 1 is under the 041 casting #, nothing on the back. Also, why the square ports on both ends?
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    862 RH exhaust manifold

    Bare Apr 1970 862 RH exhaust manifold for $600, too much?
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    '71 Z28 LT1 fuel pump replacement?

    Didn't want car down for the rest of the season so grabbed an AC Delco fuel pump off of ebay, not sure what I bought as # on flange says 42080. Still have my original but too much downtime for a rebuild. Will this pump work with factory 780 holley carb? Thank you

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