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    Camaro L78 on eBay

    Due to health I am selling my Camaro SS L78...just can't take care of it any more. I have owned it since 1971, so I have a lot of history with it.
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    Nicky Camaro

    Rode up to Nicky Performance in St Charles Saturday (before the snow hit) in a friend's Stage II Nicky Camaro and met Stefano Bimbi. Great guy! And the supercharged Camaro ran great! They had a bunch of vintage super cars there, even a couple Mopars.... The white Z28 is getting set up as a road...
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    Hey my car...!

    Reader's Rides....
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    Any way to know L78's value?

    what would this be worth? ....but sure don't look like they left much like a L78... Paint is wrong, bumpers are wrong, engine is wrong...and tranny seems wrong... But the pix of a tag says L78...
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    Another 1970 L78 Camaro on eBay

    Looks like they ran across another one....
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    Camaro ZL1

    Don't know if this question has been posted, but here's the answer...finally... $54,095 Don't get a convertible until the next year...Gezzzz

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