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    Screw reference for interior panels?

    I'm putting the interior back in my car and having trouble with which screws go where. I baggied and labeled everything, but over the last 2+ years things have gotten mixed together and lost. I've got the 1970 assembly manual, but it does not list anything for any interior panels (just the...
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    Z21 stainless drip rail mouldings. What goes under them?

    I'm starting to put my car back together following paint and am looking for some advise about the chrome mouldings that run along the drip rail and b-pillar. It looks like these had some sort of adhesive or sealer between them and the car's paint from the factory. I'm wondering what I should use...
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    Need assembly instructions for rocker panel moulding.

    I'm getting ready to install new rivets for the pieces that hold on my rocker panel mouldings, but i'm at the shop and my assembly manual is at home. Can someone do me a huge favor and post the assembly manual page that details rocker moulding install? I need to make sure I get my new rivets in...
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    Need bolt size/thread for firewall heater core cover

    Can someone please tell me the bolt size and thread pitch for the two bolts that go through the heater core cover on the firewall, near the blower motor location (indicated by red circles in the attached pic)? Mine were replaced by some oversized, generic bolts. I fixed the holes with a welder...
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    Sorry to hijack, but does anyone repop those plastic clips? Both of mine were completely broken. I managed to find a replacement for one side but not the other.
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    Oil control rings don't fit!

    Oil control rings don't fit! *SOLVED!* I'm having a problem that I've never encountered before and I'm hoping that one of you guys has a solution for me. I'm in the middle of rebuilding the short block on my 350 crate engine. I had the cylinders honed and am reusing the stock pistons, pins...
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    Dimensions on the full quarter replacement panel?

    Can someone please give me the dimensions of the full quarter panel replacement piece? I'm hoping to pick one up from a sorta-local supplier on Saturday and need to make sure it will fit in my wife's Outback. My Camaro is 20 miles away, so I can't take a measurement from it. I couldn't fit my...
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    Make an air tool rack on the cheap.

    Until now, I've been storing my air tools in the cardboard box they all came in. It's starting to break down from oil and fluids, and it's always been a pain to pull out and go through. I decided that I wanted to start hanging them on the wall to free up shelf space and make things easier to...
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    Where to get rubber heater box seals?

    The rubber seal that runs around one of the heater box doors/flaps is pretty much falling apart on my car. I've looked through a few different parts catalogs and can't find a replacement part for this piece. Does anyone know of a supplier for this part? My car is a small block, non-A/C.
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    Dual speakers in the factory center dash location.

    As long as my car is torn apart for engine, frame, and body work, I figured I'd go ahead and redo the entire stereo system as well. I bought a new head unit and I've got a set of "good enough" 6x9s in the rear, but my car still has the stock 4x10 in the center dash. I'd like to replace it with a...
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    Anyone here own the '70 Z28 in the Jan 2010 Muscle Car Review?

    I just picked up the January 2010 issue of Muscle Car Review today. Featured on pages 56-59 is a 1970 non-RS Z28 in green with a dark green interior. Does it belong to anyone on the forum? If so, I'd love to ask some questions (especially about the color) and get some details. :cool:
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    Verify steering box is the right one before install?

    I'm planning to replace my power steering box with a higher effort, quicker ratio box from a 3rd gen car (an IROC Camaro, Monte Carlo SS, etc). I'd love to buy a top shelf box from Lee Power Steering or PTFB, but just can't justify the cost for a daily driver. So, I'm planning to just get a...
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    Polyeurethane engine mount recommendations?

    I pulled the engine and trans from my car over the weekend and both engine mounts (which I know were replaced at least twice) literally fell apart. I was thinking about just ordering the Energy Suspension units from Jegs or Summit, but thought I'd ask here first to see if anyone has...
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    Trunk mounting battery - trying to plan ahead.

    I've got the front of my car apart right now, but am planning to relocate the battery to the trunk when I put everything back together. I've seen several different ways to wire this up, but I want to account for everything now so that I'm less likely to have to rewire substantial portions later...
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    Supplier for dark green seatbelt material?

    I'm hoping to replace the seatbelts in my car soon but am having problems getting the proper color material (my car is 1970 dark green interior). I had planned to go with the Morris Classics 3-point belts (and hopefully still will). They don't offer green as a standard color, but they do offer...
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    How to remove the front springs with the engine out of the car?

    I know that someone posted a great way to do this a while back, but I can't find it and the search function is just returning blank pages with no results. I'm hoping to take the subframe out of my car soon to get it blasted and painted/powder coated. The entire front suspension and steering is...
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    Anyone have a set of stock lower control arms they can part with?

    One of mine is bent. Looks like it hit a big rock or something while driving down the road. I'd like to get an extra set that I can strip, box, repaint, and then install when I redo the front subframe in the near future. I can probably find these at a boneyard, but thought someone local might...
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    Easy way to remove entire front clip?

    I'm sure there's already multiple posts on this, but the search function just keeps giving me a blank page. I'm planning to take my car on Power Tour this year (fingers crossed) but won't have time to "finish" the car, or really even do the bodywork that I was hoping to. So, my fallback plan...
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    '79 Camaro Z28 will be in Forza 3

    This may have been mentioned here before, but I had not seen a picture of the car until now. I wish there were an early 2nd Gen in the game, but this is better than nothing.
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    Show me your body colored engine bays!

    I'm planning to strip and paint my car over this winter. I was originally planning to do the engine bay all original, with the black firewall, black underside of the hood, black fenderwells, etc. But recently I've been thinking about doing those areas in body color instead. It won't look stock...

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