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    1971 Z28 shifter ball

    Recently I've come across 2 survivor 71 Z28's and each had a different shifter ball. Car 1 a black 18K survivor with the chrome shifter ball Car 2 a Mulsane blue 26K survivor car with a black plastic shifter ball Which one is corect for a 1971 Z???
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    Space saver spare in 1971???

    I'm looking at a 1971 Z28 and it has a space saver spare tire which the owner claims is original to the car. None of the books I have show an RPO option code for a space saver spare in 1971 for a Z28. Can someone here verify one way or the other if this was an available in 1971 for a Z28?
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    Another 70 Z28 on Ebay

    I know you guys will probably pick this car to death but I think it's a really cool car.....70 Z28 with a cross ram setup all fitting under the stock factory flat hood....I bet this thing runs like a raped ape!!:eek...
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    Very nice 1970 Z on Ebay

    Here's a very nice 70 Z on Ebay reasonably priced in my opinion....what do you guys think? Ebay item# 220582165929 I could never figure out how to post the link to an Ebay item
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    Flojoe's NA9 heat shield was 62 degrees here in Chi Town on March 16 so the car came out of the storage bag and the heat shield went on. Fit like a glove and looks terrific!!! You said you wanted pics when installed with the repop fuel line support bracket so here they are.....again Joe, nice job producing a...
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    Fuel line support bracket

    I'm looking for an original fuel line support bracket for my 70 Z28. Mounts around the fuel line on one end, and the corner carb mounting stud on the other. Does anyone have an extra one they would be willing to sell? Thanks!
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    NA9 charcoal canister for 1970 Z28

    My 70 Z is equipped with the NA9 emission system and it is complete except the vacuum line is missing from the far right nipple on the charcoal canister. Does anyone here have a 70 Camaro equipped with the NA9 emissions system and have this vacuum line hooked up? If so, can you please post...
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    1970 Z28 spark plugs

    According to my original owners manual that came with my car it states the correct spark plug for the 70 Z28 is an R44. Over at the sYc website pics have been posted of Charley's 1100 mile survivor and the plugs in that car were R43's. So which is correct....R44's or R43's???

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