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  1. fvdillon

    AMP Gauge Wiring Help

    Great thank you
  2. fvdillon

    AMP Gauge Wiring Help

    Trying to fix my AMP gauge. There is a black wire & a black with white stripe. I don't know which way the plugs goes?Think I got it backwards on the last one & ruined it I believe. Don't want to do that again. Thx in advance. Jim
  3. fvdillon

    1970 Z28 revival after 35 years, looking for Exhaust recommendation.

    I've had the D&R system on my car for about 20 yrs. No problems, sounds good. Around 10 yrs ago I did purchase some half chrome tailpipes from Joey to make it a little more correct.
  4. fvdillon

    72 Z wont start

  5. fvdillon

    72 Z wont start

    Well finally got it going. I kept jumping the starter, it came to life. I took starter out for a rebuild ( just had it done 2 yrs ago). Anyway turns out the armature was bad. The rebuild guy didn't understand how it could ever work. Anyway now my gas gauge doesn't work. Neither does Amp gauge(...
  6. fvdillon

    72 Z wont start

    ok thank you
  7. fvdillon

    72 Z wont start

    Yes, thats the wire, it's hooked up. How would I tell if my neutral switch is bad?
  8. fvdillon

    72 Z wont start

    Oh geeze, well that makes sense about the fuse, but car still dead. I found the neutral safety switch (purple wire) is still hooked up and that wire has power also
  9. fvdillon

    72 Z wont start

    Still getting no where. I have power to the starter, power up to the horn relay, power in the orange wire where fusible link is. Can't get test light to light up at IGN in fuse box. Power on, thought maybe I had to have key in startup position, still no power at IGN.
  10. fvdillon

    72 Z wont start

    Thanks everyone. I'll check fusible link when I get done working today. Jim
  11. fvdillon

    72 Z wont start

    My 72 seems to be dead. I was trying to get my AMP gauge plugged in(pushing it in with a screwdriver) I touched something, sparked. Got it plugged in now it won't start. Its dead like when you don't push the clutch all the way. The headlights,radio,dome light inst lights up. With ignition on I...
  12. fvdillon

    1970 Lug Nuts

    I bought 14 original tall lug nuts off ebay yrs ago. Never been able to found six more, and have never put on my car. Hopefully some day they will be reproduced.
  13. fvdillon

    Side View Mirror Glass Date Code/Manufacture

    I know this is an old thread, but is there anyplace where you can buy date coded side mirror glass? Thx Jim
  14. fvdillon

    Late ‘72 model Irvin seat belts wtb

    I had an awful time finding a rear seat retractor for my late 72. Actually never did find one after looking at many swap meets, ebay, Carlisle, message boards,etc. A member finally found a buckle, give it to me. Had it sewn on a 73 (I believe) retractor which in back seat is hidden anyway...
  15. fvdillon

    Z28 Bowtie Center Cap INSERT Experiences?

    Sorry, I don't remember, that was probably close to 15 yrs ago. Here's the original thread
  16. fvdillon

    Z28 Bowtie Center Cap INSERT Experiences?

    I can tell you Budz inserts are the best! Years ago I had a set of 4 bowtie NOS caps that were never installed (was always afraid to put them on my car). Anyway I got a set of budz inserts, could never tell the difference between his and the NOS ones. So I sold nos caps on Ebay for lots of $$
  17. fvdillon

    2021 Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals (aka MCACN) Chicago

    Hopefully I can make, looking forward to seeing your car Ron. Jim
  18. fvdillon

    Temperature Gauge Not Registering

    Kent, did you ever get this resolved? I'am having the same problem, Thx Jim
  19. fvdillon

    Camaro Central

    Anyone have a coupon for Camaro Central? Thx in advance Jim

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