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    Looking for a red sticker.

    Like the title says I'm looking for one of the original red stickers. I'll either trade for the silver one I have or I'll buy it out right...I hope someone stashed one away, as I don't think they are available from the site store anymore. Thanks Andy
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    Shout out to a NASTY Member!!!

    You got to love this place & the people that make it so great....!!! Local member to me Mike N graciuosly agreed to help me out with the shock & lift kit insatalation on my Avalanche, on his day off no less!!!! Thanks Mike you are what this place was originaly based on memebers helping members...
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    Home sick = bummer

    Hell knows what I got but it sucks..... Wife was sick this past week & now I have the Fungus Munggus ..... !!!!! Sore throat,acey,eyes burnning,sore all over,brutal headache things coming out of me that scare me especially the last two runns to the toilet!!! ..... Hurts to just look at my lap...
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    70-73 tail light lenses FS

    I've got the original tail light lenses off my 73 available for sale $50.00 shipped?
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    LED tail lights are finally done

    Well here is a teaser shot of the tail lights just after I finished tinting them...My original is next to the finished product. I hope to have them installed in the car sometime this weekend..Stay tuned for the results. They are finnally installed :
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    So how all the hunters do??

    I had a good season this year!! I took a nice 8ptr with the bow, deer had a huge body..... I took this even nicer one with the gun about a week later on my B-day no less !! I know these don't come close in rack size to you guys in Ill, OH or TX but for southern NY these are the typical...
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    WTB: Electric Vacuum pump

    Well just like it says, any one have one ( electric vacuum pump) they don't need? Let me know what you've got & how much... Was looking to buy new but want to see if anyone here has a used one first. IE: with all the needed items to hook it up as well. thanks Andy
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    A little video action

    Un known to me at the time a friend of mine was following behind me the other day. His two boys were quite amused.
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    Momo steering wheel

    Well after a couple different steering wheels before this one. I can say I'm happy now. I just got done installing the Momo competition leather wheel in 350 mm size & I'm happy with the fit and finish. I choose a custom made hub adaptor in 1.5" & it sets the wheel in the perfect position. Not...
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    Bring Nationals back to PA????

    So what are the chances the Camaro Nationals ever come back to Carlisle, PA ????? I was bummed when I finally got my car done that it was moved to MD... Sorry but it's just too darn far to drive to MD at least PA was somewhat doable & more centraly located for most who come from the north...
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    May trade my 73

    Got a trade offer today that I am considering. A local dealer offered me to trade my 73 for an 05 6.0 GTO black on black. The car is very nice with 60,000 miles and has nice custom wheels new tires & stainless long tubes with stainless exaust system.Stock wheels & tires included as well. Nice...
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    summit seat warning

    I purchased & installed the high back racing type seats from summit about a year ago. I like them they are ok & for what I paid for them I'm not complaining.... "Just a heads up though" If you or your passenger is on the large side BE WARNED....I gave a friend of mine who is a BIG man he is...
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    Demon 750 carb

    Demon 750 cfm (speed demon) Mechanical secondaries,double pumper,Recently rebuilt, all new seals & inner parts etc. Has not been used or mounted since rebuild. Comes with brand new aero equip. duel feed inlet hose in braided stainless and satin aluminum finish fittings. Has barbbed inlet end on...
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    Took my kids fishing today

    Yeah they did ok.......= :) Looks like the smoker will be fired up this weekend =:p
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    Got my windows done

    It was too good of a deal to pass up, so I figured why not = :) If I get harassed by the Po-po then I'll just peel it off.....I'm thinking it compliments the black stripes nicely......Darkest limo tint avialible....=:cool: Please dissreguard the dirty dusty condition of the car I have not...
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    Accel super 8.8 mm wires

    Accel super ferro spiral 300+ 8.8 mm spark plug wires. Purchased these new last summer only to find out I couldn't use the. Cost new is approx $100.00 for the set. These are universal for several V-8 applications with standard dist caps "NOT FOR HEI". I do not have the original packaging but I...
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    Accel 8.8 mm race wires

    New never used Accel 8.8 mm Ferro spiral race pro wires For non HEI distributors. Purchased new & then realized I can't use them...Great deal cost over $100.00 new. $60.00 Shipped!!!!!!!!!
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    new pictures

    Took some new pictures today. Cleaned her up & dropped her off at the storage place for the winter:
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    Power brake kit & misc items

    I have a compleat power disc brake convertion available. Most of it is MBM Mfg.It's all set up & ready to bolt in. Included in this set up is: A GM disc/disc vett master cylinder,MBM mfg dual 9" diaphram boster (like found on the T/A's) disc/disc portioning valve ,pre bent lines from master to...
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    WTB: Brake light switch? Calling Mr.Fbody

    I need a brake light switch and the two locking nuts that hold it in place. Anyone got one handy???????

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