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    RPC sheetmetal intake for sbc

    I have an RPC sheetmetal intake for sale that has only seen idle time on my engine. I am changing it out because the ports are too small for my Dart Pro1 heads. I had the intake before the heads and it was all I had. I am replacing it with a single plane strip dominator intake. The sheetmetal...
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    Upper and lower control arms for sale

    I have a set of stock upper and lower control arms for sale. They have Global West Delalum bushings and new ball joints. I had planned on running them until I came upon a good deal for tubular arms. They were only on the car while I've been putting it together and have not seen any street time...
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    WTB: Broken/Bad Sanden SD7H15 AC Compressor with V-belt pulleys for mock up

    As the title states, I need a broken/bad sanden SD7H15/SD7/SD508 AC compressor with V-belt pulleys to mock up my front brackets. I thought I'd check in here rather than taking a chance on buying a new one and it not work out.
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    Two 3rd gen serpentine set ups for sale feeler...

    I am putting out a feeler for 2 3rd gen serpentine set ups. I have one that is natural finish and not blasted with pulleys with one small piece broken on the tensioner (doesn't affect performance) and I have one set up that is black powder coated with ac delete bracket and power steering pump...
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    Keyless Glove Box Latch Assembly

    Does anyone know if there is a such a thing as a keyless glove box latch assembly? I haven't found one yet. I'd rather not have a key for the glove box if I can help it.
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    Non Camaro question....need help

    I have a 2014 Silverado. I had to replace the upper glove compartment due to failing hinges. Do any of you know where to get the stickers that are inside of them remade so the new glove box is correct for the truck and if someone needed to refer to those codes?
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    Sbc parts to 5.3LM7 trade possible

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    Any hunters here get an Az tag?

    Well the pronghorn/elk draw is posted to the portal. Anyone here get a tag? Me, wife and coworker drew early archery bull elk in Unit 8!! Can't wait.
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    Power door vs Manual doors

    What are the differences betwren power and manual doors? Can power window doors be converted to manual? I have one set of each and I want to use manual window doors but they are in worse shape skin wise than the power doors. I know I could reskin them but I keep reading about skins being too...
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    Leaf Spring Pocket J-clips/nuts

    Okay I have done a bunch of searching and gone to NAPA, Lowes, O'Reilly and the dealership looking for these things. I broke 5 out of the six which I expected but I haven't been successful in locating any locally. I know there are kits out there but I really want something that has an actual nut...
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    Wtb: 3.73 gears

    Anyone have a good set of 3.73 8.5" gears you want to get rid of? I have a new set of 4.56 gears I would be willing to trade.
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    Wtb: Stock 71 upper control arms

    Looking for a good set of stock 71 upper control arms. They don't need good bushings or ball joints.
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    Vortec 350 questions

    Hello all. I have a question regarding the block I have. Here are the parts I have so far: Heads are Vortec: ARP screw in studs Comp guide plates Comp beehive springs goo to .625(I know the heads don't flow well at that lift) Untouched ports so far... Vortec 350 Block: Scat 4340 350 crank Scat...
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    Here is a new one in Phoenix.....NOT MINE!!

    Just saw this here in Phoenix. I don't know what to say.... Not sure anyone is interested but ya'll go...
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    Torque arm location preference question

    Please excuse the novice question. I am new to this type of suspension and have been working on reading and understanding it. I have a question regarding the installation location of a torque arm rear suspension. I have noticed that on 3rd and 4th gen Camaros, the torque arm is located next to...
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    AMD body panels

    So today I called Restoration Performance, local to me, to see if they had both AMD door skins and core support in stock. The guy started checking his books and noticed that the part numbers were preceded with an "x". He said that usually denotes that AMD doesn't actually make the body panels...
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    Which rifle should I keep?

    Well I just picked up a rifle I won last month. It is a Ruger M77 Hawkeye with a stainless barrel in .338. It came with a Swarovski Z3 4-12x50 scope. the other rifle I own is a Browning A-bolt .338 in Matte black with a cheapy nikon scope. Now I am not a rifle hunter. Up to this point I have...
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    won a raffle

    I never win these things. I bought 14 raffle tickets for a group called Soldiers Best Friend. They help veterans with getting them pets to help ease them back into some semblance of a normal life. I thought it was a good cause so I bought a bunch of tickets. The prize was a Ruger M77 Hawkeye...
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    On way to Seattle!

    Well we are on the road to Seattle. We will be going through Vegas to Reno then through northern California on up to Seattle. If any of you see us on the road with an early second gen shell on a car trailer, give us a wave!
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    Who makes these headlights?

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