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    which roller lifters for my 383 build?

    GMPP 383 short block with AFR 195 Eliminator 65cc heads. As you may know, this shortblock was not supposed to come with a cam, but it did come with one. The trick was to figure out which cam it is. I measured the lift at the cam with a dial indicator and an old flat tappet lifter and pushrod...
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    can I use a .015 head gasket on my build?

    new GMPP 383 short block new AFR PN 1034 Eliminator 195 / 65 cc heads intended use = street performance, not track est. HP = 430 ish The piston "in the hole" measurement is more than I had hoped: .030 in using the feeler gauge / straight edge method I put the plexiglass across the cylinder...
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    do I need 7/16 rocker studs?

    This is for my 383 build. Max RPM will be 6,000 ish. Max lift will be .528 Roller cam. My AFR Eliminator 195 heads came with 3/8 studs, but the putz's say "we highly recommend 7/16 studs" WTH!!?? Actually the cost of a set of 7/16 studs isn't terrible. what is, is that I have a set of Comp Cams...
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    Will this engine lifting chain/brackets be ok?

    I can’t use a carb style lifting bracket for the first lift (crate to engine stand) because it’s just a SBC short block. I suppose, I would lift using 2 head bolts for the first lift, and use 2 header bolts for the final lift (fully assembled engine from stand to car). I may opt for slightly...
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    Vintage Air install while engine is out

    I have ordered the VA Surefit kit for my 79 (which did have factory air). I be doing an engine swap too. My first priority is to get the new engine running. But while the engine is out, are there any tasks that will be much easier to do while the engine is out? If so, I’ll go ahead and do them...
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    will this GMPP Serpentine accessory drive fit on my GMPP 383 partial engine?

    I suspect it will fit, but I also want your opinions on it. Good or bad? Looks pretty slick to me. All new components and they are GM parts which is handy if replacement is ever required.
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    pls help me spec out components for my 383 short block build

    Per the other thread, I bought the GMPP 383 short block. If I'm going to buy new heads (instead of re-using my Edelbrock Performer 170 cc heads) I want to do it now. It looks like availability is getting to be a problem. I am looking at AFR Eliminator series. My ride: 79 Camaro. 700R4, 3.42...
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    GMPP 383 short block: would you pay $1,000 more for made in USA?

    The p/n changed and the price just went up from $4,400 to $5,400. Apparently Summit is still showing the $4,400 version (thanks @ULTM8Z). Assuming they can still get that one, and ASSUMING it’s because the newer p/n is made in the USA (didn’t they recently move production back to the USA?) - do...
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    anyone know why the new p/n for the GMPP SBC 383 short block?

    Except for the price o_O p/n 19418654 $4,494 p/n 19432110 $5,334 could it be the diff between Hecho in Mexico, and made in USA ?
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    plan to buy new door hinges: who to avoid, who to buy from?

    I see there are a few options. Who (what brand/supplier) do you guys recommend to buy from and more importantly, who to avoid ?
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    Will my Edelbrock 6090 Performer heads & and CC pro May rockers support a roller cam?

    Oops - Pro MAG rockers....... I will start another info request thread later about plans for picking a 383 roller block package. But for now, I need to determine if I can re-use my Eddy heads. I really do want to re-use them. I had a 3 angle “performance” valve job done on them less than 1,500...
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    Edelbrock fuel pump inlet and outlet connections

    Leave it to Edelbrock to not use the flare connection for the fuel pump outlet. Both ports are 3/8 NPT. I have purchased the necessary fittings: outlet: 3/8 male NPT X 3/8 inverted flare inlet: 3/8 male NPT X 3/8 barbed The NPT fittings will only screw in between 2 to 3 turns. I know they...
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    [email protected] please answer this dashpad question

    For my '79 Camaro, what is the difference between the vinyl and urethane dash pads (other than the obvious). PN C-14655-9A and C-14655-9AA
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    Vintage Air Surefit for my '79 - how long will they make that package?

    I don't plan to install until after I retire which is in 3 years. Right now, I don't have the time. I don't want to buy too soon, because they may make improvements, OR - there may be a warranty issue with something once I fire it up. I've run into that before- buying a resto part, stash it in...
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    Question about mounting of short ac compressor

    My ‘79 came with the long compressor. I am considering installing Edelbrock Pro Flow fuel injection, but there’s no room for the compressor bracket that mounts to the intake manifold. Did the later model gen 2 camaro’s come with short compressors (I thought they did, but not positives)? If...
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    power steering system leaks !!!

    I replaced the ps pump and hi pressure hose on my '79. It has a slow leak where the hose connects to the steering gear. I can't get it to stop! I bought the hose from Rock Island. It is a Delco hose but it's made in Mexico. Any known issues with these hoses? Could it be something else? Wrong...
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    which horn?

    I'm pretty sure my '79 came with 2 - a high tone and a low tone. I only have the hi tone left and it doesn't work very good. What do you guys recommend for a replacement? There are too many choices out there!
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    rocker arms for my SBC 350: full roller vs roller tip only

    I need to replace the aluminum full roller rockers. They are cheapie Erson's and 3 or 4 of the roller tips don't feel like they are rolling smoothly. This is a 5800 RPM engine. I can save some coin by having "just the tip" :D roller vs the fulcrum too. Is it a non issue since this is just...
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    exhaust coatings: Cerakote vs Jet Hot

    I have decided to get my existing headers recoated (as opppsed to replacing with new stainless headers). Cost: Cerakote cost is $305 and I can get them done locally. Jet Hot is definitely more of a known quantity but shipping them will be a pain in the ass and costly. $350 plus shipping cost...
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    head gasket packaging from Summit. Would you install?

    So they used a box that is too short. They're probably ok, but you all know how much work it is to remove and install heads! What say NastyZ28?

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