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  1. CorkyE

    Sonnax TV Cable Corrector Kit

    Anyone tried this? Buddy owns a transmission shop, gave me one kit, five come in package - PN AS1-01K. Instructions at bottom of page.
  2. CorkyE

    05 Silverado, Recent Odd Oil PSI Drop

    We have a stoplight that's on a fairly steep incline that I get caught at frequently. I've recently noticed the oil psi will drop almost to zero while at idle waiting on the light. It's within normal range at all other times. Engine is a 5.3, oil is full, Mobile 1 high mile 10w-30, Mobile 1...
  3. CorkyE

    The Final Send

    Just watched this on Fox, about the best clip I've watched in a while. It's a tire burning salute to an old veteran - to those who are hesitant to click on links.
  4. CorkyE

    Shorty's Dream Shop

    I'm sure some of you guys that watch Iron Resurrection will remember Shorty, the painter and mechanic. I just saw on Motor Trend that Shorty has his own show now, starting November 16th. Here's a link to the trailer.
  5. CorkyE

    Tail of the Dragon

    First time to do it, got the T shirt, nice ride. :cool:
  6. CorkyE

    Changed my Air Filter today

    Air filter on my 05 Silverado. Damn Squirrels.
  7. CorkyE

    Flex Plate Cracked?

    Noticed a new strange rattle/knocking noise with my 79 Z-28. Noise is synchronous to the engine, not random. I got under the car, engine running and used a stethoscope. I isolated the source to the torque converter and flex plate area. I've visually checked the flex plate 3 times, both sides...
  8. CorkyE

    Cup Holders - Again

    Anyone come up with something practical, like a 2 cup holder that is (semi) permanent mounted that doesn't require a lot of cutting or replacing the console? I have two holders, one fits down into the console box, other wedges between seat and console. Console box one works okay but I have...
  9. CorkyE

    Dash Face Touchup

    My 79 Z-28 has the "almost black" face on it. There's a few scratches around the headlight and wiper switches. I tried a real small spot with a black sharpie, but that doesn't match. Anyone know of a paint, dye stick or anything that will match?
  10. CorkyE

    Low Volume, High Pitch Hum from Alternator

    Was trying to chase down another issue, had key on, engine off. I kept hearing a low volume, high frequency hum. Got the mechanics stethoscope out and it's coming for inside the alternator. This is a CS style, 100 amp on a serpentine setup. Is this hum normal or do I have a problem...
  11. CorkyE

    In reference to the "Another Running Hot" thread

    I didn't want to hijack the thread but have a couple questions about some posts. Some guys are sealing their LS fans (which I have) to the radiator. How are you doing this, duck tape? My under hood temperatures are already high and I'm wondering that if you funnel all incoming air through the...
  12. CorkyE

    Sway Bars?

    I still have the stock sway bars on my 79 Z-28. I pushed it pretty hard around some sharp curves at 60 - 70 mph the other day. It felt like it was falling over on the nose or pushing. What is the step up, bang for the buck deal in better sway bars? Here's my current setup; Front Upper A arm...
  13. CorkyE

    Keeping Radio Presets

    I have a trunk mounted battery with a quick disconnect on the negative side. I use this as a theft deterrent by disconnecting the battery and locking the trunk. (I know it can be stolen at any time.) I have a small piece of speaker wire jumped around the quick disconnect to maintain radio...
  14. CorkyE

    Lower Rear Rubber Bushing issue

    Am I getting too much articulation, or did I over tighten that's tearing up the edges? This is a Custom Works rear shackle setup, rubber up front, delrin on top rear, rubber on bottom rear, heavy duty shackles. Front spring eye has Herb Adams mod, with stock sway bars. Rear tires are Nitto...
  15. CorkyE

    Ebay/USPS Shipping?

    I bought a hubcap for my 56 from an Ebay seller mid Dec and have not received it. I rarely ship anything and not familiar with how all this works. I contacted the vendor via ebay email, he says it has been shipped. Tracking number shows a shipping label has been created, and USPS is awaiting...
  16. CorkyE

    New Edelbrock Carburetor

    Anybody seen this? Looks good in theory and if all the features work, will be a wiz bang setup.
  17. CorkyE

    Best Rear View Mirror Adhesive

    Any one brand better than the other? I went across a rough set of railroad tracks, lost mine.
  18. CorkyE

    Shielding gas tank orientation?

    Switching from flux core to gas shield on my small mig welder. I have a small (20lb) tank, does it need to be upright or can I lay it down?
  19. CorkyE

    05 Silverado Cruise Control Kaput

    Cruise control not working, light on dash not coming on also. Here's what I've done; - Only found one fuse labeled "cruise", it's good. - Replaced brake light switch. - Replaced multi function (turn signal) module. - Scanned for codes, both Powertrain and ABS. No codes. - Searched the...
  20. CorkyE

    Another 700-R4 TC lockup and 4th gear issue.

    Delay going into 4th, dropping out of 4th real easy. TC lockup not working correctly. Reckon I may have found the issue? Has every bit of 500 miles since rebuild and new switch. Ugh...

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