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    NICE Save - but what happened here

    Maybe the most valiant save I've seen at a dragstrip... But what happened to kick out the back end of the MR2? I don't believe it could have had the power to kick out the back at those speeds. Maybe something broke in the rear suspension - but if that was the case I don't think he could...
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    Eric Bana Car Movie - looks good

    I'm gonna have to check this out Sounds a lot like me with my 2nd gen. I ran out of money, time, and motivation back during the financial crash, otherwise this might have been 'me'.
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    GM OBD Readiness monitors - Damn you GM

    I've been trying to get a smog check on my 2002 Corvette for the last week. The weekend before the smog I (stupidly) disconnected the battery to replace a headlight motor forgetting that it would reset the ECM. Failed smog due to non readiness... my fault. For the last 8 days I've been...
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    Happy Saturday from the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion (Historic's)

    There will be more later
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    Drag Racing Class Questions

    Folks, while I’m pretty knowledgeable about many things automotive, I know little of drag racing. Trying to help out a friend who wants to get into it. Long story short, my friend has caught the bug. Not a lot of mechanical skill, but has a good amount of cash (6 figures) to spend on a car...
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    Musing about my LS engine

    I'm starting to think hard about my LS6 Build for my 2002 Z06. Thought it could be a good project for here. Here are the rules: 1) The car is a daily driver. 2) I'm in Califorina, which presents unique challenges for the engine build, namely Pretty much everything visible needs to be...
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    Nice feature on my Buddy's C4

  8. Lowend

    Anyone looking for a NICE C6 Z06

    This car belongs to my buddy Cliff. It is as nice as you will ever find a C6 Z06 He bought it new, it only has about 50,000 miles on it, he has done the heads. I know a couple guys on here had talked about wanting to buy one. Please do so I stop being tempted...
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    They moved my favorite restaurant in San Jose

    I didn't say the Restaurant moved, although I guess that's technically true as well The Poor House Bistro is a New Orleans-style restaurant and music venue built into the owner's ancestral home near downtown San Jose. The family were early farmers in the San Jose area. Much of the area Google...
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    Using Brakes to control body roll... Mazda Kinematic Posture Control

    This is beyond cool. You have to give it to Mazda, those folks have always really pushed the envelope.
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    CT-5 Blackwing, too much, too late

    Really interesting video comparing the Caddy CT-5 Blackwing to the BMW M5 to the Tesla P100D Plaid Great video, great perspective on the Electric vs ICE battle
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    Free Class on sports car suspension tuning

    I just noticed that my favorite supplier, Worldpac is hosting some free classes on sportscar chassis tuning next week You have to register, but it's free
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    The New Z06 - cooler than we thought

    My dad and sister were at the Peterson Museam for the Z06 reveal a couple of weeks ago. Just got the photos and videos The last videos are one of GM's engineers discussing the variable plenum volume allowing them to tune for a broader powerband...
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    When an engine makes Dario giggle (T.50 update)

    It seems Gordon Murry dropped the T.50 engine into a Ultima GTR as a test mule. Dario has won multiple Indy 500's... look at him giggle like a 13 boy seeing his first boob (skip to 2:10 if the hotlink doesn't do it automatically) Have you ever heard a more vicious street motor?
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    Big Day at work today - Bridgestone partnership

    I don't tend to discuss work a lot here, but today was a big day. I work on the corporate side for the largest light-duty mobile mechanic company in the US called Wrench. In short, I work with large commercial/government fleets to bring them into our mobile mechanic program (I'm a b2b sales...
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    Monterey Historic Races LIVE broadcast here

    The Trans-AM cars should run today
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    Is this from Termites

    I've been finding this odd black powder on the floor of my bathroom on occasion. Just kind of assumed it was dust, but today I took a closer look. I think this might be termite poop. Expertise requested
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    The most satisfying <1min video of the week

    Go-on, make your day a little brighter.
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    Found some good new music - Xavier Rudd

    Ran across this last night and it really good, thought I'd share. Kinda Ben Harper meets Mumford and Son's This tune takes about 40 seconds to 'get-moving'
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    I hate header wrap

    No real point to this thread other than I hate header wrap. I'm doing a tuning update to my Subaru next week. Since the car needs to be dyno tuned, installing a equal length header is "free". The unit I bought is a Tomei, and comes with header wrap to give little extra protection to the oil...