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  1. Red70Camaro

    Plasma cutters??

    Yes, I'd use a inline filter on the plasma too.
  2. Red70Camaro

    Plasma cutters??

    I had a 40 amp 220 northern tool plasma that cut through alot of materials. Most of the chinese plasmas are similiar, some last for years, and i've heard others having issues right away. I recently bought a Hypertherm Powermax 45 plasma. Hands down, the best pc. of equipment I've purchased...
  3. Red70Camaro

    Quarter panel fitment

    Clamps, clamps, and more clamps! I had to make relief cuts to the qtr in the trunk gutter area, to get the qtr to pull down nice n flat.
  4. Red70Camaro

    Quick tail panel question

    Top arrow section should fit inside of qtr panel. Bottom arrow section can be flattened and plug welded to qtr. Are the bumper holes close to lining up? Trunk gaps good? Looks like the qrts might need to be spread out. Not sure what brand tail panel you have, but I tried a Goodmark and it...
  5. Red70Camaro

    Door wont sit flush!!!

    Have you tried moving the door striker in? Those can be adjusted to move the door in or out. Maybe the door just needs adjusted to fix the 1/2 gap? Is the fender to door gap and the door to rocker gap good?
  6. Red70Camaro

    Thinking about a G-brace

    Good advice. Braces don't work with billet hinges or hydroboost brakes. I had to fab the braces to make them work. http://[URL=][/URL]
  7. Red70Camaro

    Rear quarter panel

    Yes, those quarters should work on a 76. If those are full quarters, $100 is a real good deal! Got a feeling they might be partial skins for that price?
  8. Red70Camaro

    Resto/metal fab work

    Anybody need any resto/metal work done in this area? Thinking about doing some metal work on the side. Body panels, floors, trunks, general metal fab projects. Pics of my work can be seen in my progress thread.
  9. Red70Camaro

    who knows Porsche 928?

    My neighbor is a 928 fanatic! He's got 4 of them. He buys them cheap, and drives them daily. He's very knowlegable on fixing them himself, I've heard him say timing belt, grounds, etc as being problems for these cars. I must say after driving one, they are a sporty fun car to drive!
  10. Red70Camaro

    40 x 60 shop build

    Update......Been awhile since I've posted. I've been working on gas/electric and finishing the inside. I forgot to take pictures of a lot of the progress, but did take a few recently. I was able to tie into the gas/electric service from my house, which saved $$ instead of having to run...
  11. Red70Camaro

    [RIP: Mark Allen Sparks 1961-2013] - Joshua and the worrior!

    RIP Mark. I got to know Mark when I sold him a set of wheels and tires, very stand up straight forward guy for sure! Thoughts and prayers my friend.
  12. Red70Camaro

    Guys who have built or had garages built

    I just had a 40x60x14 pole barn built. Poured 6" thick floor, will be installing a 10,000# 2 post lift. I had the entire floor poured 6" not exactly sure where the lift will be located.
  13. Red70Camaro

    Looking for a good all terrain tire

    I've heard good things about the Cooper AT3's I run Cooper SST's on my truck. Also had Nitto Terra Grapplers and they were good AT tire.
  14. Red70Camaro

    Coil over

    RideTech coilovers and there lower control arms.
  15. Red70Camaro

    40 x 60 shop build

    There was 6
  16. Red70Camaro

    40 x 60 shop build

    I've got a concrete question for you guys. They finished up today, and left before I got home, the overhead doors were open. Do I need to leave the doors open while the concrete is curing?
  17. Red70Camaro

    40 x 60 shop build

    Yep, that's the plan. Had a thicker floor poured for a lift. Going to install a #10,000 2 post.
  18. Red70Camaro

    40 x 60 shop build

    Day 4, concrete is done. Not much left for them to do, they plan on finishing tomorrow.
  19. Red70Camaro

    40 x 60 shop build

    Door is 10 x 12, theres another 10 x 12 door centered on the back wall also. I plan on being able to drive-thru with my truck and trailer. Yes, there will be a second level for storage. Going to build a office in th front corner, with storage above that.
  20. Red70Camaro

    40 x 60 shop build

    Cement was poured this morning. Thankful they got it done today, we're suppose to get rain the rest of the week.