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  1. OldCamaroNut

    Bought a new toy....ZL1 baby!!!

    Pics will be up soon! It's a Supercharged beast!
  2. OldCamaroNut

    Help with computer/android transfer

    I have a song on my computer that I'd like to copy to my phone. Can someone explain how to accomplish this? I am a complete smartphone idiot in need of assistance.
  3. OldCamaroNut

    Question about 1998 Tahoe motor

    Is it 5.7L Vortec? If so, is the Vortec a solid motor? Just bought it used (4x4 for the winter) and I'm an old school guy who has no experience with the newer motors. It has 200k on it but runs strong and doesn't use any oil. Any info would be appreciated.
  4. OldCamaroNut

    Wife ran over a curb UPDATE

    Good news, the pan is fine, the oil sending unit was leaking. Cheap fix!
  5. OldCamaroNut

    Wife ran over a curb, now there's oil on driveway

    2010 Camaro V6. The oil is about a 6 inch wide puddle that showed up after being parked for about 15 minutes, so it's a significant leak. I'm thinking the pan hit the curb. Question, does the motor have to be pulled to replace the pan? I'm an old school Camaro guy, this beast belongs to...
  6. OldCamaroNut

    Need opinions on a suicide football pool I'm in.

    I've been in this pool all season. For those who don't understand suicide pools, here's how it works. Each week you pick the winner of one game. If the team you pick wins, you continue on. You can only pick a team once all season. If the team loses, you're done. I managed to win...
  7. OldCamaroNut

    Hell no, he won't go?

    As his fellow First Cavalry soldiers stow their gear in Afghanistan, a 22-year-old Army private moves vehicles and cleans buildings at Fort Hood after declining to deploy on the grounds that his conscience won’t let him kill — a move resulting in fierce backlash within the military community...
  8. OldCamaroNut

    Asteroid about to buzz Earth

    Live on today at 3:30pm Eastern. (6 minutes from now)
  9. OldCamaroNut

    It's snowing!

    on Christmas eve.
  10. OldCamaroNut

    Dreaded blue screen of death

    My main computer has crashed and the BIOS says the hard drive is no longer there. My question is - can I buy an IDE hard drive dock to pull data from it to my new computer? If so, any suggestions on which one to buy and where? I'm thinking it's an IDE drive, not SATA, as the machine is 6-7...
  11. OldCamaroNut

    We've got mice......

    Yeah, the four legged kind. I have a pest control company come out quarterly to do preventative treatments for cockroaches and such, and the last time he was out he gave me a glue trap to catch them. Almost a month has gone by, and not one mouse caught. I went out and bought some snap...
  12. OldCamaroNut

    It's been a heck of a week so far...

    My wife and our 15 year old granddaughter Bobbi are on vacation out west. On Monday we got a torrential storm and the street flooded, also flooding my wife's 2010 Camaro. The insurance adjuster is coming out today, but from what I told him on the phone he believes it's totalled. On Tuesday...
  13. OldCamaroNut

    So I bought a new computer.....

    And a 1TB external hard drive. Old one still works (on it now). Question - can I copy a working copy of software from old to new? I know I can copy the files that I've saved (project files, pics, videos, sounds, etc.) I want to transfer a working copy of Photoshop (No DVD) and Proshow...
  14. OldCamaroNut

    Sandusky Guilty

    On 45 of 48 counts. Probably will spend the rest of his life in prison. Reports are saying that he has a mandatory minimum of 60 years. Add that to his age (68) and that is life.
  15. OldCamaroNut

    Her name is Irene.......

    And she's coming. Good luck to all east coasters.
  16. OldCamaroNut

    Slight uptick today, but it ain't over yet

    The stock market broke an eight-day losing streak Wednesday with a marginal gain for the day. The benchmark Dow Jones industrial average added less than 30 points to close at 11,896, ending the longest string of consecutive daily losses since the depths of the financial meltdown in October...
  17. OldCamaroNut

    Anybody watching the Dow?

    Been a GREAT 10 days since my opinion was posted here......just sayin'........
  18. OldCamaroNut

    Anybody own stocks?

    T-Bills? The politico in Washington is about to sabotage the market and seriously destroy what little economy we have been limping along on. I'm not pointing any fingers at any party, because I don't want this to be a political discussion. All I want to say is I yanked my mutual funds and...
  19. OldCamaroNut

    Can I remotely access Windows Mail?

    Trying to figure out if I can access my Windows Mail account from a different computer. If so, how would I do it? Thanks
  20. OldCamaroNut

    Super Bowl results influence stock market?

    Not counting today's game, there had been 44 Super Bowls since 1967. Of those, the NFC had 23 wins vs. 21 wins for the AFC. Fairly even split. Now for the interesting part. In the years the NFC won the big game, the stock market rose in 19 of those years, and only dropped in 4, for a...