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  1. 79CamaroMan

    They're here and getting driver's licenses... autonomous cars We have all thought of how nice it would be at some point to turn on the "autopilot" feature on our cars, especially on long trips. Love it or hate it, I believe this technology is going to change our lives in a major...
  2. 79CamaroMan

    Need help with newer SBC swap into old truck

    I've got a 77-81 GMC half ton lifted 4X4 mutt with a typical carbed 350 and a 3sp + low gear manual trans. Now the 350 is old, tired and leaking worse and worse. Rather than pulling it and fixing it up, I want to save time and money by using another SBC I have available. it is a 305 TBI...
  3. 79CamaroMan

    Weird carb issue edelbrock 600

    Well first of all this specific problem is in my 81 GMC K1500 350/4 sp stick lifted on 35's, but it's the same engine stuff as our Camaros and this site rules, right? :D History, I've had the truck since late winter '10. It has run well, but sometimes bogged a little bit trying to go...
  4. 79CamaroMan

    Best site/forum for my 4X4 GMC?

    It may be too much to ask, but is there a site out there that is somewhat comparable to NastyZ28 that is for 4X4 trucks, more specifically the 73-87 GM trucks? I have found a few, but none seem good enough, as I may have been spoiled by this site. BTW, the reason I ask is I recently aquired...
  5. 79CamaroMan

    smoothie/filled 70-73 RS front bumpers anyone?

    I'm wondering how many 70-73 RS guys here would be interested in an original set of RS split bumpers that have had the 2 bolts on each top shaved/filled/smoothed. I personally don't own one myself, but those carriage bolts right on the top of the bumpers detract from the look IMHO, and I have...
  6. 79CamaroMan

    I am now officially a daddy!

    Tuesday March 17, St Patricks Day, and my wife Christy's actual due date to boot. It's a girl as we thought, she is Kalyn Marie and was born at 5lbs 10 oz at exactly 2:30 PM. She is small enough to wear preemie clothes and too cute, and is healthy. :happy: We just got home from the...
  7. 79CamaroMan

    Please help! the page with camaro weights and measurements, I can't find it!

    I need the page that some very honerable member made with weights of different components of 2nd gen Camaro's. Specifically, I need to know the weight of an entire dash w/guages/components out of a 79Z28 w/AC. Someone wants to know a price with shipping for my entire dash from my 79Z, but...
  8. 79CamaroMan

    Anyone know of a decent forum for 40's cars?

    I guess I am just really spoiled with this site. (I already knew that) I have been looking for a decent forum to help me get better aquainted with my '48 Fleetmaster, yet I can only find very generic car sites, having a compilation of everything. A forum for just cars from the 40's would be...
  9. 79CamaroMan

    I got me a 48 Chevy, need resources

    I came across a good deal on a 48 Fleetmaster 2 dr sedan. All original(1 repaint), from original owner's gray-haired grandson, sat in a barn the last 15 years. Very solid. But it needs a lot still. When it comes to 2nd gen Camaro's I know of many restoration/general knowledge resources...
  10. 79CamaroMan

    I'm gonna be a daddy!

    Thats right. Around the middle of March '09 I will officially be a dad for the first time. I'm not sure it has quite sunk in yet. Back in early '02 I was still a Senior in High School and joined this site. Now I'm done with college, married for 3 years, and about to start my own family...
  11. 79CamaroMan

    So what would you have done?

    Yesterday a man came into our chrome shop to pick up his relativley large order of rechrome work for his old Mopar muscle car of some sort, I think B body. But thats not really the point anyways. As the man was looking over the bumpers, my dad mentioned that the bumpers had been redone...
  12. 79CamaroMan

    A big hoopla happening in my small little town!

    Its gonna be a fun week coming up for me. Model T's everywhere soon. "More than 1,000 vintage Model Ts are expected to make the journey to Wayne County, some from as far away as Australia, Great Britain and Norway. These cars – just a fraction of the 15 million...
  13. 79CamaroMan

    I'm finally a gold member!!

    Been on this site since '02, and finally became a gold member! The best part is: Our family chrome shop paid for it because of the business I have gotten from this site. Sweet!
  14. 79CamaroMan

    I chromed one of my door vents! Check it out!

    After reading about the billet vents coming out, I got to thinking about what I could do with my door vents. One was broken pretty bad, so I only did the other one. What do you think? It's triple plated, copper-nickel-chrome. Sorry about the poor quality photos, it really looks great in real...
  15. 79CamaroMan

    Can anybody identify these bumpers?

    These have been sitting in the shop for many years. Haven't a clue what they go to. Figure someone may want them, but they are hard to sell when we don't know what they go to. They are great cores for rechroming.
  16. 79CamaroMan

    A Camaro on Evilbay I couldn't resist sharing

    I don't know if this is a members car, but I do know it has a sweet stance and looks to be built very well with excellent taste. If only I were in the market I would jump on this.
  17. 79CamaroMan

    Did ANY early 2nd gens get converted to convertibles?

    I know the story on the late 79-81 2nd gens getting turned into convertibles when new, but has anyone heard of or own a 70-73 convertible? I assume back in '79 one could get there 5 year old chrome-bumper Camaro to one of the shops doing the conversions and have it done. Although the...
  18. 79CamaroMan

    Anyone going to the Auction in Selma, IN?

    Unfortunatly, even though it is only 30 minutes away from me, I have prior commitments and cannot go. Multiple 2nd gens and some are 4sp cars.
  19. 79CamaroMan

    Anyone going to Auction in Selma, IN?

    Unfortunatly, even though its only 30 min from me, I have prior commitments and cannot go. Multiple 2nd gen F-bodies, some 4sp cars.
  20. 79CamaroMan

    Bought me a 69 Wildcat today...

    Well my older bro found it on craigslist. We went to look at it friday. Turns out the owner is a young guy about my age. He bought the car from the 91 yr old original owner in '06. Since then the new owner used it as a DD and paid a shop for all the maintenance done, which included...