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    brady bunch mom passed away on thanksgiving

    Florence Henderson (Carol Brady the mom from the brady bunch) passed away yesterday at 82. im surpised im the first one mentioning this. Shes been doing a bunch of stuff lately too; dancing with the stars, she was a guest cook on rachel vs guy, a lil while back she did who wants to be a...
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    93 suburban conundrum

    got a 93 suburban to run the kids around and what not, sweet deal on it. have had it about a month plus, yesterday morning was warming it up because it was cold, it warmed for ohhh 10 to 15 minutes. threw it in reverse and it dies, no restart. turns over but wont fire. brand new air filter...
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    fender flares

    not for the camaro, but are there any good write-ups on how to do decent fender flares? im going to swap out my bronco 2 axles for full size bronco axles and need to plan on widening the flares so it looks somewhat symetrical. i know a lot of guys do it for their camaro's so im coming here to...
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    is there a third seat option for back seats?

    i was wondering if there is way to fit an infant car seat on the hump? the two seats being for our 4 year old, one going for 11 month old, and yea we have one on the way (it was an opps... baby girl). i was wondering if when the car is fixed up and if i wanted to cruise with the family i could...
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    gettin scammed or is it the truth?

    my mechanic said he ordered a motor for me, but has no invoice, shipping manifest, tracking number or anything. called a salvage yard, napa and autozone, they all said when ordering a part like that alot of times they just ship the item, no pre paper trail just an invoice with the product. is...
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    non chevy help (ford gurus please)

    So I did a double no-no, i traded a brand new fired once shotgun (and some ammo total ballpark about $500) for a running good condition 4x4 84 bronco 2 (hemmings, autotrader and a few others average about $1500 for the base model). it has KC lights up top, 10 mile airplane lights at the grill...
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    a real pit crew
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    cast iron fry pans

    After growing up with a few cast irons, i went and bought a new one. I guess I found the new iron not like what i expected because the ones i grew up with are 50 years if not older and well seasoned, so i set out on a way to kinda fast track the seasoning process. Here is what I found that works...
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    looking at overdrives

    I just got a new job but its 30 miles one way. Will be using my camaro as a daily driver and am looking to get a cheap replacement for my 4 speed, as in the first month or so ill be able to afford a "for now" trans til i can get that coveted T56 magnum 6 speed. Which 5 speed is the most direct...
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    hey joe

    hey all im posting this because i invited my stepdad, joe, to join us. he has had a few cool cars when he was younger. ill let him tell you about them.
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    For those with large garages

    just sayin
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    Under dash wiring color question

    for those who have recently done work under their dash, what colors of wire are under there? im going to be adding a small fuse block to put a few extra things in, like a passenger phone cord/usb socket, rear seat dual socket for phones or to plug in a portable dvd player for road trips and what...
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    engine questions

    so my mechanic said he would take my motor and work on it over the winter in order to keep labor costs down. he wants me to pull the engine, no biggy, between 1 and 4pm today got all the accessories off, the headers unbolted, all that good stuff. my questions are: 1. i have a bunch of sludge on...
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    david t outta canada

    anybody ever deal with him? if not id like to recommend not to, asked about a pair of fender vents for a 79, he wanted $450 for the pair, used. i checked out classic industries and they want $250 for a pair of brand new ones made of zinc, not the original "plastic" like ours was. i clarified not...
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    replacement stock engine to flywheel question

    so an engine im getting has center bolt valve covers, they are stock, will my stock 4 sqaure rim bolt valve cover fly wheel mate up to the newer engine?
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    not mine. saw on craigslist move if needed
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    carb question

    So there is always questions about carbs, carb size, what kind, where does this hose go, that type of thing. My question is I did my research and got my carb, Edelbrock ATV manual choke. didnt think about electric choke with an interior toggle switch til just before posting. is there a way to...
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    maybe this time ill be lucky

    So I know in the past Ive come close to getting a replacement engine after I threw a bearing somewhere in the lower block 2 years ago. I have a solid lead on a decent motor and want to be prepared. The guy I am buying it off is switching engines in his trucks. One truck got T-boned so he is...
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    craigslist engine would it be worth to talk down to $200 and put all the engine parts that are missing off the one in my car that threw a bearing?
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    mav, dirtmod and other scrappers

    getting a free car that will cost way too much to fix. 89 ford taurus. how could i field strip it to make the most at the local scrap metal yard?