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    1973 Camaro LT

    Your looking at a 73 Camaro that had a frame off restoration in 2010 with lots of restoration pictures. The Camaro has a thumping 383 cubic inch v8, an attention grabbing white PPG paint job and an awesome stance that makes this muscle car look fast just sitting still. The transmission is an...
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    1930 Ford Prostreet

    I,m posting this for a friend his contact info Bob 772-882-0366... please contact him if interested in his ford. 1930 all steel except for fenders and radiator surround and sun visor. Titled as a 1930 Ford not a kit... Chopped, channeled,Shaved door handles, Alarm with door poppers, Custom...
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    Door Skin Instalation tool (less than 1/2 price shipped)

    I have a Killer Tools Deluxe Door Skin installer. Like new condition very little use. This tool sells for 395.00 at killer Asking price $175.00 shipped to the lower 48.
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    Auto Body Tools 4 Sale

    I have a few body tools for sale that I took in trade for a side job. First is a Killer Tools Deluxe Door Skin Tool Kit. Like new condition very little use. This tool sells for 495.00 at killer Asking price $260.00 shipped to the lower 48 [CENTER]...
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    Powerdyne Supercharger model BD600

    I have aquired this supercharger set up with a truck purchased for my daughter. She will be a first time driver and will not need the extra horse power, So im putting it up for sale. This unit was recently rebuilt according to the PO, all shafts seem to be tight with no end play, but not knowing...
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    4L60e trans problem???

    Not in a camaro but in the wifes 99 suburban, V8 2 wheel drive... Problem started out with the truck being stuck in 3rd gear. After plugging in a scanner and manually working the shift selenoids it now shifts from 1-2 no problem, but when it shifts from 2-3 its like it goes into nuetrual for a...
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    Z28 fender emblem measurements needed..

    I'm working on a 73 camaro, I have an assembly manual which gives some of the measurements. On number 15, if that line is even with the third hole on the wheel opening and I measure up 2.98 it puts my emblem right ontop of the bodyline?? I'm also not sure what there measuring off of for 0...
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    wtb A/c Ducts for a 73

    Im looking for the 3 a/c ducts in the dash. center duct, and the l/s and r/s outer ducts in good condition. These are for a 73 Camaro. The ducts I need are shown in this pic below. Thanks Rob :bowtie:
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    Grant steering wheel & New Aluminum radiator

    This is a brand new radiator new in the box never installed. The lower hose neck was dented during shipping I have a close up pick of this area after I straightened it. This is a Summit brand part # SUM-380458 with trans cooler. Save yourself a hundred bucks Summits price $269.00 My price...
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    New Radiator & some 73 parts

    New Radiator & some 73 parts & Grant GT steering wheel This is a brand new radiator new in the box never installed. The lower hose neck was dented during shipping I have a close up pick of this area after I straightened it. This is a Summit brand part # SUM-380458 with trans cooler. Save...
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    3" Exhaust to close to fuel tank vents... Advice needed...

    I'm looking for some advice. My 3" exhaust comes too close to the vent lines exiting my gas tank. In the pic you can see the rubber hose comming from the vent laying right on my pipe. I tried to reposition the exhaust but still a no go. Right now I'm leaning towards pulling the tank cutting back...
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    WTB trunk latch assembly.

    My trunk latch seemed to have lost a piece during my restoration and i need another one to replace it, so i can finish installing my lock cyl. I think there all the same but my car is a 73 if it matters. Here is a pic of the part im looking for except where the hole is in the pic there should be...
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    What am i missing?????

    I tried to install my trunk cylinder and pawl into my latch. But all i have is hole in the latch where the pawl goes. I believe something fell out of my latch. If any one has a pic of a 73 trunk latch please post it. Im not sure what im missing, here are pics of the parts that I have. Thanks in...
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    WTB R/S manual window regulator spring (REAL BAD)

    I picked up my r/s regulator to install and the recoil spring fell on the ground in two pieces :( My regulator is good just looking for the R/S spring. So I can get this car water tight, then i can start putting in the interior. The spring is for manual windows, heres a pic of what i need...
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    Easiest way to temporary wire an engine for start up?

    I have my engine & trans installed in my car. I will have an altenator on the motor for start up. This wiring is temporary just to fire and break in my new motor. To wire this engine for start up Positive from battery to starter, ground from battery to engine, Positive from battery to switch to...
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    Need help with a measurement on a 73

    Im having some after market core support issues, The front end sheet metal is on and ok but after installing my front bumper its closer to the header and fender on the drivers side and farther away on the pass. side This is a 73 camaro with a standard front end. If someone would be nice enough...
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    Rear deck Low one piece spoiler

    I bought this from another member, not sure if i wanted a one or 3 piece spoiler. I wound up using the 3 piece so this one is up for sale. The spoiler only has 2 mounting studs on it, I dont know if this is a factory piece or repop, If interested $45.00 plus shipping.
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    Is it possible to shoot base, layout and shoot stripes and clear in 1 day?

    Let me start out by saying I would like to paint the front end in pieces and not on the car, Trunk and rear spoiler as well along with the doors will also be shot off of the car. Is there a way to layout the stripes before removing these panels so the base can be sprayed then striped and cleared...
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    70 Low spoiler for sale

    I bought this spoiler from another member here, I decided to go with a 3 piece spoiler instead. There are only two studs in the spoiler and i dont know if its original or repop. i cant find any numbers on it. $65.00 shipped to the lower 48.
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    Which stencil kit, and who to buy from.....

    I need to buy a stencil kit for stripes when the car is painted. Are some better then others? I would like the stripes to curve around at the ends of travel not sharp corners, not sure which to buy. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Rob