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  1. Green hornet

    Original Radio

    I’m looking for two shaft retaining nuts for an original GM radio that holds the radio to the dash. They seen to be a really fine thread. Anyone have some they are willing to part with? Thanks
  2. Green hornet

    Sway Bar Size Match

    What size front sway bar matches up best with 11/16 rear sway bar. I have searched but to no avail. I currently have 1 1/8 front with 9/16 rear. Both factory bars. From what information I have been able to find the 11/16 should work just fine with the 1 1/8. Please give your thoughts. Thanks...
  3. Green hornet

    Bent Rear Sway Bar

    Has anyone had success strighting a bent sway bar. If so how did you do it? The second photo is the end that is bent. I pick up this 3/4 inch rear sway bar with links the other day, I don’t know how you can do this. Thanks for your help.
  4. Green hornet

    OER Console

    I currently have a fifth gen console in my 70. I am going remove it and order an OER console and return it to factory 4 speed console. 1) Anyone have measurements for this area, length, heigh, depth 2) Has anyone tried to install a single din stereo in this area 3) Anyone have any thoughts on...
  5. Green hornet

    MiG Welding Cart

    A few weeks ago I posted that I purchased a MiG welder with gas. I now needed a cart. I found a lot of nice carts on the internet which were great for a shop or garage but not convenient for loading into the truck if I wanted to transport it. I decided to make my own and this is what I came up...
  6. Green hornet

    Home Made Parts Tumbler

    I just stumbled across this on YouTube. Check out how he goes about this.
  7. Green hornet

    Camaro Drag Race

    This may have been posted before.
  8. Green hornet

    Check Out These Mods

    Here are two different cars I found on Craigs List in tonight. Interesting hood on one and and porthole on the other.
  9. Green hornet

    Z28 Wheel Trim Rings Refinishing

    I have looked through all the post in the search section with no success. Has anyone tried to remove scratches from the trim rings themselves? I believe the rings are stainless steel, could scratches be sanded out with success?
  10. Green hornet

    Daytona 500

    Yesterday I watches some of the 1970 Daytona 500 on YouTube. I was interested is seeing the Plymouth Super-bird and the Dodge Charger 500 running. That go me thinking, so I decided to look up race speeds from then and now. I found the following to be interesting. 1970 Daytona 500: Pole...
  11. Green hornet

    My Custom Package Tray

    Here is my version of a custom package tray with a subwoofer. I developed this with some ideas from photos of member “71CamaroGuy” package tray thread and other photos of different package trays I found on the internet. It is absolutely amazing how much time it took to create what I thought...
  12. Green hornet

    Car Idiots

    some real idiots here!!
  13. Green hornet

    WTB factory clock pigtail

    Anyone have one they would part with?
  14. Green hornet

    Rear Window Trim

    Is the OEM rear window trim on a 70 stainless steel or chrome or anodized. Mine is not original and I’m curious what the original are. Anyone know
  15. Green hornet

    Gauge Cluster Refinished

    I had my gauge cluster out of the dash while doing other repairs so I decided to refinished the gauges at the same time. I ordered new markings from Daniel at Guage Marks. Daniel is a really nice guy, has a great product and was extremely helpful with advice with a couple of issues I had along...
  16. Green hornet

    Needed Tilt steering Column Lock Plate

    I have a supposedly 72 tilt column. Does anyone have a steering wheel lock plate? The notches need to be able to accommodate a 5/16 lock pin. Thanks in advance.
  17. Green hornet

    WTB Steering Wheel Lock Plate.

    I’m looking for a lock plate for a tilt column for a 72 +/-. Any one have one they would like to sell?
  18. Green hornet

    Steering Column Lock Plate

    Is the lock plate for the steering wheel different between tilt and non tilt columns?
  19. Green hornet

    Steering Column

    Any one know where the part number is located on a steering column? I picked up a tilt column supposedly from a 72.
  20. Green hornet

    Painting an Aluminum Radiator

    I purchased an aluminum radiator that has factory looking tanks. I want to paint the tanks, not the core so that it retains the stock look. Any issues with this idea. Any suggestions on type of paint / primer. I would prefer a rattle can product because of simplicity.