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    1970 glove box door w/cupholders & more

    1970 glove box door w/cupholders. MORE PARTS ADDED. I have a 70 glovebox door with correct cupholders, inner and outer. Correct screws , hinge and all screw holes are great. No damage. Also have the original glove box liner to include. It's in fair shape. Very useable condition. $65.00+...
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    Thinking about selling my sbc stroker crank and parts. Any interest?

    Just like the title says, in thinking about selling my sbc stroker crank and misc parts. In trying to see if theres much interest in what I have, as a package deal. I have NO CLUE as to price. Everything is in excellent condition. Crower 3.75” billet steel stroker crank. (for 2pc rear...
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    Dash bezel section

    Who was looking for the lower right section of a dash bezel? I can't find your contact info. I have pictures. That area of my stock 70 bezel is good. Pm me your email address please. I'll send pics right away.
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    Cam choice for 5.3?

    What is the max lift you can get away with using stock heads on a 5.3 truck motor? Don't take the efi or computer into consideration. Just looking for cam info. Does anyone know the specs on a stock truck 5.3? Lets use a 2003 suburban as an example.
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    Stock rods

    How much power can stock rods in a 350 take using ARP bolts? Just curious. RPM limit?
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    Windshield trim

    Windshield exterior trim. Very nice condition. Could use a buff and polish but very nice as it is. $60.00+ shipping. Rear window trim/exterior. 75/81 style. Straight, great condition. $75.00+ shipping. Pictures coming tonight when I get home. SOLD
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    Core support

    Core support from a 1977 Camaro. Great condition, straight, $200.00 + shipping. Pictures coming tonight.
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    Rpm Air Gap For Sale

    Rpm Air Gap For Sale LOWER PRICE Edelbrock rpm air gap with endurashine finish. Fits gen 1 sbc. Not vortec model. Very nice condition. I can email pictures if you send me your email address. New at Summit $339.99 Selling for $150.00 + shipping.
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    Intake comparison

    Edelbrock Performer RPM VS RPM Air Gap. On a small block chev (383) with high flow heads (RHS 220/64/2.02/1.60) Using a Holley 750 vac sec carb. Which intake will perform better? Where will the peak hp and torque curve differ? Or would it even be noticeable or make any real...
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    Performer RPM sbc

    Performer RPM sbc LOWER PRICE Edelbrock Performer RPM intake. Natural finish. Fits gen 1 sbc, squarebore carb pad, very good condition. I can email pictures if you send me your email address. $100.00 + shipping. I can also bead blast it for you for an additional $25.00 before I ship it. All...
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    Gasket bore size?

    This may be a stupid question....what size bore do you need (head gasket) for a .060” over 350? Final bore size is 4.060. Anyone care to suggest a specific part number for a iron head, 10.0:1 388? 64cc chambers, RHS heads. -11cc dish pistons, .039 compressed gasket gets me the compression I...
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    Stock GM 5.7” rods?

    How strong are factory rods with the use of ARP bolts? Meaning, how much hp and rpm can they take given good prep? (mag, shotpeen, sizing, smooth stress risers...)
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    Target score!

    I was in Target last night and came across the Hotwheels display totally by accident.....(haha yeah right). What do I find? A blue 1970 Camaro ” race car” with the Hotwheels logo and 70 on the side. It's painted just like several other muscle cars they have. But this has a full roll cage...
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    1970 RS build project

    Hey guys and gals, I've been around a little while and decided it's time to start a build thread to document this project. It started about 4 1/2 years ago and stalled out after some injuries. Well after a few surgeries, moving twice, stuffing the car in storage and lifes little delays the car...
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    Repop dash bezel fit?

    How well do the repop dash bezels fit? Any difference between classoc inds. Npd, year one? Thanks.
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    Considering turbo power ...

    So turbos......easy, relatively cheap power right? I'm in the planning stages of my 383 build and want some SERIOUS power. Have a Crower billet crank, RHS 220/64cc heads with2.02”/1.60” stainless valves, a 4 bolt gm block, hydraulic roller lifters, I still need to get pistons, cam, rings...
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    Date stamp?

    Can anyone please tell me what a date stamp of 05 means on the front of the tab on a brake booster ? The back is stamped 042. Its from a 1970 camaro. There are only those two numbers, 05.
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    1970 master cylinder pictures please

    Does anyone have pictures of a correct 1970 master cylinder for disc/drum power brakes? I would really like to see it installed on a correct 042 booster with the distribution block and lines as close to factory as possible. Thanks ahead of time for any help on this. I am trying to verify the...
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    Early 70 ten bolt interest?

    Hey guys and gals, I have a very early 70 rs and I am going the resto mod/ protouring route. The car was too far gone for me to want a restoration. The rear end I believe is the original ten bolt. I need to get under the car to verify when I pull it out of storage. If it is in fact the...
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    Describe your idea of the perfect street 383

    I am building my 383 and have some choices to make. If you had a chance to build your idea of the perfect street driven 383, what would it be? I have a steel crank, 5.7" rods, hydraulic roller, RHS Pro Topline iron heads(stainless 2.02/1.60/bronze guides, screw in studs, guide plates) , eddy rpm...