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    WTB - American Autowire Crimpers

    Anyone buy a set they are done with and want to sell or rent me for 2-3 months? AAW rental program is not long enough for me or international.
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    inner door handle clips

    Does the inner door handle to latch joint use the same clip as the outer door handle to rod clip like this?
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    Door Glass - AMD vs. NPD vs. OER vs. Ground Up?

    After reading 80 threads on the subject there seems to be no clear consensus. I need to buy door glass in the next week or so and have had nearly zero luck finding good tinted original Glass. Those of you who have purchased lately, where did you get it and how did it fit/look? Has...
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    WTB - Stainless Drip Rails/Tinted Door Glass

    Looking for a set of stainless drip rails for non-vinyl top car and set of nice tinted door glass that isn't all scratched up. Please PM me price with shipping to Rochester, NY or can pick up in northern NY.
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    WTB - Trunk Lock Shaft

    So my original round headed trunk lock shaft doesn't work with my new aftermarket lock. I am assuming I need the hockey stick style shaft. Does anyone have one they can drop in an envelope and mail to me?
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    Rear Bumper Install 71

    Do you need to install brackets on the bumper first or on car? Can you leave them loose and once in place can the chrome bolts be tightened?
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    Headliner Garnish Clips Up or Down???

    With the 70-73 Bow style headliner is there a proper orientation for the garnish clips to hold the side headliner trim? Would the left side go in on the top towards the roof or vise versa?
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    WTB - Passenger side Stainless Drip Rail

    Looking for Passenger side for non vinyl top car. Must be 70-74 stainless type. Turns out I have D/S and P/S different.
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    Summit Atlanta Motorama

    If there are any of you guys going and there happens to be discount codes hanging around I'd love one if possible. Just sayin :)
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    Door Glass tinted and Clear

    I need new door glass, I have found a nice set of clear available. My rear window is the green tint from the factory. If I put clear on the sides with the green in the back will it be something that is noticeable and look wrong or will it be a non-issue? All the glass I have here is green...
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    Guys that have installed AAW Classic Update kit

    Did you need to reuse any part of the original harness or is the AAW kit 100% complete? I've got a large birdsnest of old wiring I'm not sure if I'll need any of it. Kris
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    American Auto Wire

    Getting ready to buy my harness. Where are people buying them? Do we have any deals with our sponsors or is the $500 the best price? Kris
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    WTB Wiper squirters, windshield brackets, PS pulley

    Looking for a set of wiper squirters, a set of the brackets that hold the windshield at the base, and a 2 groove power steering pulley keyed style. Let me know what you got.
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    Need some help with Parts ID

    Finally getting to the bottom of my parts bin and have some questions. My car seemed to come with a lot of newer non 71 parts. If anyone can give me an idea of what is correct here it would be awesome. Which is the correct 71 headlight bezel? Thick or thin, I believe it is thick...
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    WTB - Bow style headliner tack strips

    I need the rear and 2 sail panel headliner tack strips for a bow style headliner. Any one got a 70-72 shell with these you want to get rid of? Shipping is to 13669, New York Kris
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    Goodmark Fenders, Short Spoiler

    OER short spoiler for sale, was new, been painted black, no issues $100 shipped US and Can Left and Right 70-77 Goodmark fenders, mint shape, no issues. $100 each plus Greyhound shipping. I will ship to the US from New York, canadians from Ontario. Paypal is good, PM for details.
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    WTB - Trunk lid NOT drilled for spoiler

    Looking for clean non drilled for spoiler trunk lid. Looking for a GM part. PM if you got one.
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    Fitting rear glass

    I want to fit my rear glass before I weld my quarters in. I have everything screwed where it needs to be, do I just drop the glass in and it it fits it fits or is there a set amount of clearance needed all around? Any help is appeciated.
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    Full Quarter Install ?'s

    I have my quarters mocked up and they are really pretty good for first glance. The only issue I have is getting the dogleg between the door and rear wheel in deep enough to be flush with the rocker. Any one else have this issue with Goodmark quarters or am I missing something?
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    WTB - DS Upper Door Hinge

    I am in need of a Driver Side upper door hinge if anyone has one kicking around shoot me a PM. I don't mind if it needs rebuild but must be rebuildable. Kris