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    Going rate in CA to re-skin the roof on my '69 Camaro?

    The vinyl top has done a number on my roof and just below the trim line in the back. Needs to be re-skinned and the upper portions of the rear quarters - by the windows - need be be replaced as well. What's the going rate for this kind of work at most shops? Not sure what I want to do paint wise...
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    Knocking noise at idle, subsides with increased RPM.

    The engine idles and revs smoothly with no stuttering, unusual vibration, or fluctuation. The oil is clean and the oil pressure is good. The sound seems to be coming from the bellhousing. The trans fluid is clean but will not go into gear, not even with revving. This is a sudden thing as it was...
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    Gev VI 454 build... Can it handle it?

    Gen VI 454 build... Can it handle it? Came across a used L29 with very low mileage and in PERFECT working condition, with all accessories, and so on, so ofcourse I jumped on it! I will be putting this in my Camaro along with a built up T56 and a 3.90 12 bolt. But the trans and diff are a...
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    Look what I saw at the car show this weekend...

    Was at the Goodguy's Carshow in Pleasanton, CA this weekend, look what I came across... ;-) Ran some damn good times around the track too, really impressive! Now if only I knew who owned this beauty! hahaha
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    Nearly New Holley 3310 (750 cfm, vacuum secondaries) for sale!

    This thing has less than 30 minutes total drive time and has NOT been modded in any way. Ran great but it was just too much for what I had it bolted too. I'm asking $250 obo + shipping.
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    Anyone familiar with Trick Flow's 4130 1-piece pushrods?

    Summit lists these as an alternative to Comp Cams Hi-Tech models, but they're about $50 cheaper so I'm curious as to whether there's a difference in quality or not. Is one USA made and the other from overseas or something? Thanks in advance guys. - Joel
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    Which throttle & TV cables for TPI w/ TH350 in '79 Camaro?

    Finally following through with installing TPI on my car, but I've hit a snag, I can't figure out which throttle cable and TV cable I need to use. Knuckle Dragger mentioned a throttle cable from an S10 but couldn't remember the specifics, and nobody seems to know which TV cable to use. Anyone...
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    Care to donate to the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training?

    I just donated $50 to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training, in a effort to help support my friend Marcela in her goal of raising $3,300! So to my fellow NastyZ28 members I ask, who will join me in donating to the cause? What'll it be? $2? $5? $10? More? :) Make me proud! :)...
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    Short vid of me do'n a burnout in my '69

    Thought some of y'all might appreciate this. Did this Thanksgiving afternoon in front of my Grandmother's house, my cousin recorded it with his cell phone. Would have been longer but that chirp you hear at the end of the video is from my tires gaining traction when I let off cause of the QUICKLY...
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    Well, it's back on the road and running BEAUTIFULLY!!!

    For those who don't know, I wiped out a cam a while back, and went through hell getting this thing back together. As it stands: - 1979 LM1 short block - 1989 083 heads with 2.02"/1.60" valves and a 3-angle VJ - Comp Cams XE262H w/ stock 1.5 rockers - Holley 300-36 Street Dominator intake -...
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    Anyone here have experience with 3.73's behind a 2004R?

    I absolutely HATE the gap between 1st and 2nd in the 700R4's, but I do love how hard they get out of the hole with a set of 3.42's, so I keep thinking about a 2004R with 3.73's. It'd give me close to the same hole shot as the 700R4/3.42 combo but with less of a gap between 1st and second, and...
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    Wiped out cam update... I'm a bone head! LOL

    So after much frustration with time, and work, and so on and so forth, I finally got this thing back together, and she fired right up! ;) So here's where I call myself out on being a done head... While breaking in the cam I noticed a small oil leak coming from the front oil pan seal. It...
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    How much oil pressure should I see from a '79 LM1 with stock pump?

    Believe it or not, I've never pressure tested an engine with a stock pump, so my question is, what kind of pressure should I look for at different RPM's? This is the engine that had a wiped out cam, so I'm expecting the oil pressure to be a bit lower than usual, but I need a baseline from...
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    385 with 6" rods and a roller cam a problem?

    I honestly hadn't even thought about clearance issues with the cam until I was reading the "Need a cam recommendations for 383 with hydrolic roller" post, then I realized this could be a big problem... - 638 roller block .040" over - Scat 935060L 1 piece RMS "383" crank - Scat 26000 6" rods -...
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    Who makes your favorite main and cam bearings?

    So tell me, what are your favorite bearings for STREET/strip cars? I've always used good old Clevite main bearings and Dura-bond cam bearings, but I want to know what you guys are using and why. BTW, HAPPY St. PATRICK's DAY!!! ;) Joel
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    Anyone have sound clips of "quiet" gear drives? Who's is quietest?

    I ran the fixed gear type from Milodon years ago, and it was pretty quiet. I've never run a floating version before and Im considering it on the roller 383 I'm gonna start building next month. Was looking at either the Cloyes or Pete Jackson versions. I may just keep the Comp Cams double roller...
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    Wiped out a cam and lifters, need to clean out the metal, what should I do?

    DON'T SAY PULL THE ENGINE!!! That's absolutely NOT an option right now, so keep that in mind please :) There's not a ton of metal, and it's powdered, not chunky shavings. I'm sure some's gotten where it shouldn't have, but pulling the engine and doing a complete tear down is not an option so...
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    I sealed my intake too well, not it won't come off. Help!!!

    I didn't do anything differently from what I normally do. I've got all the bolts out but it won't budge! I tried prying it but the fit is so tight that I can't get any of my prying tools in there, at least not ones strong enough to handle the job. The intake it a Holley 300-36 in mint condition...
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    Best Pontiac 400 headers for Second Gen T/A

    Well, my friend WAS going to use the 400 he had... BTW, if onovakind67 is reading, that 400 was built using the Chevy 509 block we got off you a few years back. Thanks again! Don't know why I didn't think to mention that in the post about SBC headers. Back to the situation at hand ;) So my...
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    DSE - The only company making a Stainless FI tank for later Second Gens

    I asked DSE about these when I was in the process of installing my TPI motor, they didn't have them when I asked but the techs liked the idea and got to work, now they are the only company to have these things available without needing you to take a bunch of measurements. Check em out...