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    1970-73 camaro part.

    bump ttt
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    Parts for 1974-81 Camaro's.

    bump ttt
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    My Exterior Door Handle Fix

    On sort of the same subject will the longer 6 1 /4 inch outside door handle work on 1975-81 Camaro's. The 1970-74 Door are 1/2 inch longer than the 5 3/4-inch ones for 75-81. I have a new pair of OER outside door handles for sale and if they also work for later years there is a better chance to...
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    1970 Camaro SS 396 L-34.

    Thanks to both of you for responses. Rotin I do not want to take off the cylinder head, so maybe I will leave it alone. When I sell the Camaro in the future, I will include the TCS parts and new owner can decide what he wants to do. John.
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    1970 Camaro SS 396 L-34.

    My SS 396 has headers on it, but I do have the correct exhaust manifolds. I have a complete set of all the parts for the TCS system but will leave them off when I sell it in the future. My question is on the passenger side cylinder head where the TCS temperature gauge goes is a plug. A few years...
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    WTB 70-73 Rear Axle Bump Stops

    I know what you mean I had an NOS rear driveshaft bump stop (above axle) for 1970-74 Camaros. # 481834 and sold it for very little a few years ago it was in GM box. I do have the one for 1975-81 NOS in box. Try Joey Gray or Camaro specialties for the two bump stops above axle, they may have good...
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    1970-73 camaro part.

    bump ttt
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    Distance from wheel arch to ground

    Usually it is the front coil springs that sag since their is more weight on the front. When I owned my 1970 SS 396 L-78 numbers matching Camaro (I sold it to Chuck Sharin) the front springs were down about 1-2 inches, I bet they had the EJ coil springs which were 300 PSI instead of all the other...
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    NOS Passenger side Door latch lock assembly.

    Here are 5 pictures of the Passenger side door latch lock 1970-81 Camaro's. Sorry about the pictures, they were taken with throwaway Camera which does not always come out clear. I do not own any mobile devices, only Lap Top and tablet. I do not know if you can send pictures taken by tablet to...
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    1971 RSSS

    Obviously, it definitely is a real SS 350 because of that small piece of the build sheet saying 350 L-48 which only went on SS 350 Camaro's. But like the other members said it would be very hard to say for sure if it is also a rally sport super sport. That would be on the build sheet on the...
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    Please help confirm 12 bolt axle stamping is legitimate. COZ 0302 G 2 with E below

    Wow you paid only $500.00 for that very nice Z-28. That is the steal of the Century. Good luck finding 3.73:1 gears. I bought a 1970 SS 396 L-78 numbers matching in December 1988 and it cost me $10,500.00. I sold it to Chuck Sharin in Dember 2001. John.
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    NOS Passenger side Door latch lock assembly.

    NOS 1970-81 Camaro Door latch lock assembly. # 1748553 new in GM box. $100.00. Reproductions run from $80.00 to $120.00. I will try to post pictures. John.