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    72 RS Firewall Bulkhead Wiring Connector

    Thanks gents! It's just odd that GM made several hundred thousand of these and I can find a wiring diagram that matches the bulkhead connector. I wasn't thinking about the trans, so maybe that's where the black wire/plug goes. I'm with you on the blue wire being for oil pressure. The flat...
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    72 RS Firewall Bulkhead Wiring Connector

    I'm finally getting around to cleaning up some underhood wiring and can't seem to find a schematic that matches up. This is my '72 RS with an LS1 and there are a handful of wires that I can't identify. First pic is a notepad jpg looking at the connector from the engine side. Next few pics are...
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    hit and run damage

    The urethane is torn, so one option is to locate a local body shop that can weld/fuse it back together. Ask about whether they can hot soak it before they give it back. There's some process where they put stretched urethane in a hot tank and it help it regain the original shape. Not a magic...
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    AC Vacuum Hose Firewall Grommet Fail, Need Some Ideas

    Good guidance; thank you. I'll tackle it again this weekend.
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    Smart Rear mirror

    I bought a Gentex 313 out of a Nissan Titan. Three HomeLink buttons and temp. Note that you will need to use the Nissan temp sensor if you go this route. The GM one won't interchange. The mirror required a different (new style) windshield mounting button. Edit - Not sure it matters, but...
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    AC Vacuum Hose Firewall Grommet Fail, Need Some Ideas

    This is on my '72. I finally made some time to get back in the shop and start working on the A/C. Vacuum hose connections are on the 'to do list'. I noticed that the pair of hoses that come through the firewall (via a grommet) next to the evaporator suitcase were pushed back through the...
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    1970 Camaro from 2006/2008 Barrett Jackson Auctions

    LOL, yep. How do you like the driver's door window crank? Think the car sold for $55K the first time and $44K the second. Probably would've gone up another $1K if it the window crank!
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    1970 Camaro from 2006/2008 Barrett Jackson Auctions

    Only interior shot I could find.
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    1970 Camaro from 2006/2008 Barrett Jackson Auctions

    Anybody recall seeing this car in one of the magazines? It was supposedly featured and I'm trying to find some interior pics. It sold in 2006 and again in 2008 at Barrett Jackson.
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    Anyone ever buy a gun online?

    If it's from a private seller that doesn't hold a FFL, you'll want to get a copy of their drivers license. If your FFL transfer agent will accept from a private seller, they'll need that info. Gunbroker and Auction Arms have worked fine. I haven't warmed up to Armslist yet, but I'd think of...
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    3.42 or 3.73 ?

    Should add that this is with a 4L60E that has a .70 overdrive. Here's a good RPM calculator that might help - RPM Calc.
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    3.42 or 3.73 ?

    What size tire are you planning to run? Do you have a target RPM for say, 70MPH? Does the wear pattern on the 3.42 ring and pinion look ok? I'm running a tire that's right at 27" tall and wanted to be around 2200 RPM at 70MPH, so I'm running 3.42's.
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    Ford has a couple kinks to work out I think

    Looks like a scene from one of the T2 or T3 movies...
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    This is insane!!!

    That was fake, but there is a company (Lumilor) that offers electroluminescent paint. mH6oQbckCms
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    Deal or not

    Been a while since I had a first gen, but I don't recall anything on the trim tag to identify an SS. Seems like there was a bracket welded on the frame for the muffler or something on the rear, but not much else that couldn't be readily replicated after the fact. Check out, it's a...
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    Driveshaft angle and phasing video

    That was pretty interesting; thanks!
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    Purchased a 70 yesterday!

    Rear defrost option
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    LS1 Spark Plugs - what you guys run?

    I run NGK TR55's.
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    LS engine; To use stock wiring & ecm or after market

    I re-worked the stock harness on mine. That allowed me to place the relays on a panel near the battery and lengthen the harness so I can mount the PCM under the console. It's easier to order what you want, but I wanted the experience and would do it again. Spend some time searching the site -...
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    windows XP drivers for android pics.

    ^^this and it sometimes helps to put it into USB Debugging Mode. You'll have to google the instructions as it's easy (settings, mass storage, and then a checkbox) on some and on others, you have go through some special key sequence to enable it.