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    1970 Stock Hood Clearance?

    hi all, I did a search but didn't find the answer I needed. i'm running stock intake, holley carb and air cleaner and I thought it would be nice to run a phenolic spacer. will a 1'2" fit under my stock hood? what about the anti-vibration spacers? TIA
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    WTB 1970 Steering Wheel

    hi all, looking for a fully functional steering wheel. I have a steering wheel and horn shroud so I could get by with just the contact innards. sure would be nice to pass inspection. TIA
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    1970 Horn Contacts?

    hi all, my car came with a grant steering wheel and I want it to be original so I found a steering wheel and horn shroud on ebay. where can I get the contacts to make it work? TIA
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    WTB 1970 Horn Switch Contacts

    hi all, I have a steering wheel and horn shroud, need the rest? TIA
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    Holley 4555 ID Help

    hi all, i'm searching for a original holley to replace the edelbrock on my 1970 z28. what do I need to look for to keep from being ripped off? TIA
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    Lucas Oil in My M21?

    hi all, i'm still undecided about what oil to run in my tranny. I was in advance auto looking at the lucas and noticed that their gear oil is GL-5 and GL-4 rated so I emailed them and they said to use either heavy duty 80-90 or the synthetic 75-90 and cut it 50% with lucas pure synthetic oil...