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    1973 Camaro LT

    I dont know which shop did the work on the seats and door panels, they were like that when i purchased the car.
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    1973 Camaro LT

    SOLD Car on 12/24/20
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    1973 Camaro LT

    5th digit is a K
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    1973 Camaro LT

    Your looking at a 73 Camaro that had a frame off restoration in 2010 with lots of restoration pictures. The Camaro has a thumping 383 cubic inch v8, an attention grabbing white PPG paint job and an awesome stance that makes this muscle car look fast just sitting still. The transmission is an...
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    71 full trunk pan replacement

    Russ is correct i removed the package tray area and still a no go. To install in one piece the tail panel must come off. I wound up cutting the trunk pan to make it fit. I have pics of this work in my project thread.
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    The build motivation thread

    Bow, the car and cherry picker were braced before any work was done on the bottom.
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    The build motivation thread

    Heres another pile of rust. At this point there was no turning back. After all metal work was done the car was stripped to metal primed and painted inside and out. And here you go fast foward two years later, And more hours of labor that I care to count. Still working on her...
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    Need Measurements

    Sorry pan is installed with fuel tank in place, cant get to the braces for a measurement.
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    Need Measurements

    Sorry I dont have any measurements for the braces but I have a few pics that might help you.
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    Show me your hood lines

    AMD hood, fit is good except where the cowl meets the windshield. Not enough clearance to run wipers.
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    Trunk Pan and Drop Offs

    That is a full trunk panel with braces. All of my rust was inside of the frame rails. So I trimmed it to have the weld seam fall on top of the frame rail. There are more pics in my project thread.
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    Trunk Pan and Drop Offs

    The only way to fit your trunk pan in one piece is to remove the tail panel. Or you can cut it in two and weld it back together once inside.
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    Recommendations on fixing this fiberglass ac cover?

    A little bit of fiberglass mat will fix that right up. I had similar damage on my cover. A few mixing sticks were cut and glued to make a backer on the outside of the holes, the sticks were lined with wax paper to prevent the resin from sticking. The fiberglass was laid inside...
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    73 on a slow road to recovery...

    Thanks Guys.. glad to be back.
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    Tony's 71

    Tony great project.... amazing craftsmanship Im sure it will be a killer ride when its finished. Keep up the good work.
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    Clay's 70 Re-Progress Thread

    Cars getting closer to paint Clay, Looking good man.... Brings back memories looking at your pics. All of the nooks and crannies take lots and lots of time to strip. If you have any real tight areas you can also use aircraft paint stripper. And to aid in keeping any flash rust at bay you can...
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    KRABBEN1s 72 SS

    Headliner looks much better, Ive got a few ripples in the back corners also, the guy that installed mine said if he pulled it any harder to remove them, he would start to split the seams.
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    Aaron's 76 Type LT Project

    Congrats Aaron, on the car and your new family member. Your car has come a long way since i saw it last. Looking sweet man, And with the new drive train should be a blast to drive. Your on the fun part of the project now putting it all back together. Take your time and enjoy it. When I finished...
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    1979 Trans Am W72...

    Very sharp looking T/A, Hope all goes well with your a/c repair.
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    73 on a slow road to recovery...

    Thanks Philly, Glad to be back and working on the car again.