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    1971 z clone driver

    So, I have always loved the Camaro, I have had a 79 Z, 2 67's and now a 71. This was a forest green car with the same color interior as near as I can tell. 6cyl-auto-10 bolt. Somewhere in it's life it got a v-8 and custom interior...I found bits of yellow shag carpet under the console. Anyway...
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    Posi upgrade

    OK, so I would like to upgrade the rear in my 71. Of course I would like to save cost. I am thinking about an Auburn GM 8.5 30 SPLINE POSI 3 SERIES G80 1989-1998 C1500 from ebay. I would use 3.42 gears and get the 30 spline axles for the 12 bolt, new seals and bearings. I have ordered 81 z...
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    Central NY

    Good Morning all, I am starting on building restoring a 71 Camaro. It's a basket case. I live in Central NY. This is the 4th one I have owned. I's not a terrible car for having been in the north most of it's life. But it does need an extensive rebuild on just about everything. It was a...