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    Global West Extended Travel LCAs

    Anyone have these? GW has a couple nice videos on their main page explaining these in detail. Thoughts?
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    28" front?

    Anyone running a 28" tall front skinny with a pic? I am considering the 28x6x17's up front vs the 26'" as I'd like to have more side wall with the larger diameter wheel. Thanks
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    4L80E Flexplate with spacer and bolts

    USED Factory 4L80E Flexplate with spacer and bolts. $35 Located in Flowood, MS 39232. Shipped at buyers expense. PM me a phone number and I'll send you a pic or two if you'd like. Photobucket is working too slow lately for me to host them.
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    Custom BOZE Wheels for sale.

    Wheels for sale. Boze 18 x 10, 295/35/18 Nitto Invo Boze 17 x 8, 245/40/17 Nitto Invo Tires have excellent tread but are about 4-5 years old. Wheels need to be repolished but still look good. There was absolutely no rubbing on my car with stock width rear and lowered. I will include front moog...
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    In Mississippi.

    Pretty sure this is the right section... Just moved back to the southeast...Brandon MS which is a suburb of Jackson. Good to be in the south again!:D
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    C5 Calipers and abutments (fronts)

    I've had these for awhile but never installed them. Moving across the country and cleaning out the garage. $220. Buyer pays Paypal and shipping.
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    4L80E Flexplate and spacer

    Anyone looking for a factory 4L80E flex plate with spacer? I have them with bolts that I would like to sale. Pm me.
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    Magnaflow exhuast.

    I have my custom exhaust setup for sale if anyone is interested. It consists of a Hooker Headers 3" X pipe into 2.5" Magnaflows. I even have the tails that go up over the rear axle and dump out the back just below the bumper This was on my car when I had the Whipple blower installed. I...
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    Aftermarket hood hinges

    Curious if the aftermarket hood hinges are thinner than the factory ones. I only have about 2" of room between my fender and turbo and would like to run hinges. Anyone who has a pair, could I get a measurement?:cool: Thanks.
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    Seats for sale again..

    $120 in Tucson.
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    1969 Camaro roller wanted to buy.

    Long story short, I was 'gifted' my father in laws 69 Camaro that he has had for 40+ years of ownership. It has a Ram jet 350, 700r4, all new white hounds tooth interior, serpentine belt drive, cold A/c, yadda yadda. Bad part is he flipped it off of his car trailer and destroyed every body...
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    LS Swap Hedders.

    Changing my whole car combination and these must go. Unfortunately for me, I had an oil leak the last time I drove this car which was a 350 mile road trip. Oil dripped on the driver side lower portion of the header and some on the passenger side. These headers do have some scrapes on the...
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    YANK SC3000 4L80E Converter.

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    "Suitcase" removal

    Has anyone removed the AC suitcase that is on the passenger firewall with the engine still in the car? At that point now....and want it gone. Thanks.
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    2.3 Liter Whipple supercharger For sale

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    Pin on Hood.

    Thinking about a pin on hood. Zeus or Dzus fasteners around the perimeter for a clean, secure look. Which ones fit the best? Need a 4" cowl to clear der-Whipple. My swap meet hacked piece is killing my mojo. Plus the weight savings seems substantial.
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    Mount seats 1-2" back?

    I found a thread a little while back that covered this topic and can't find it now!:mad: Anyone have the link to post...?
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    11.5 @ 121-124...what's wrong?

    I tried scanning the time slips but, they are so lightly printed it is impossible to see them:( so I'll type the info. Only made 4 total runs with car as I got there late. other two runs were laughable as one was my maiden voyage and the other was me practicing ice skating. Car weighed 4040...
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    1973 Camro, LS swap w/ Whipple blower

    This is a spur of the moment thing but, I've found something else I would like to have! :o My car has tons of $ thrown a it. Typing this on my phone but will edit later on PC. $35K 1973 Camaro -6.0 LS swap w/ 2006 rotating assembly new bearings, rings...
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    1973 Camaro, LS swap w/ Whipple blower

    This is a spur of the moment thing but, I've found something else I would like to have! :o My car has tons of $ thrown a it. Typing this on my phone but will edit later on PC. 1973 Camaro, 6 liter Iron Ls(450 ish miles), Whipple blower, 4l80e auto, Ford 9 "...