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    Help lower door weather stripping 911

    Ok so here's the frustrating thing. I have bought the rubber seals for around the bottom of the doors from Classic industries before and it didn't fit... so I bought the $90 latex pair and they fell apart in a year. My car just finished in the paint booth. I bought the rubber seals again...
  2. RS125

    The 73 Flying Tiger RS... Mwah hahaha!

    My car is going for paint soon so I figured why not have some fun with it!? She's still a work in progress! Angry eyes, a large 73 on tail, and a painted quote or great name comin soon! Also more pics on the way :bowtie:
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    Can someone identify this car for me please?!

    I thought it was a challenger... but I want to know what it is!
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    Disk brake conversion to Trans am the nightmare.

    So I go to pick up my car from the brake specialist....and honestly the guy practically said upfront he doesn't know what's wrong.. it's better... but not right still. And he thinks, but not sure, that I need a new booster. $645 later and I'm pretty much back to where I started with some...
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    Need answer fast. Master Cylinder question...

    Hello these are hopefully easy questions! What is the difference between 4 wheel GM master cylinders that are with power brakes and those that are for a car without?? Does power brakes just mean there is a brake booster also? Are they exactly the same master cylinder? or does it affect...
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    Help springs gave car too much lift!

    Hello I have a 73 project, my mechanic just called me and said my new spings that I bought from ebay have somehow lifted the rear of my car 6 in and now my Qa1 socks can't reach any more! I bought these springs from dr classic...
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    To matte or not to matte? That, is my question.

    :confused: The lower door panels.... Your thoughts please! I'm about to go outside right now and give them a very light sanding then MATTE. I think it looks cool (kinda mad maxx?) and for a daily driver makes sense ..easy patching.... The gloss is kinda too shiny.. an in between would be...
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    Help!! Driveshaft pics!

    Hi everyone, My friend and I are working on my car's (73 RS) rear end problems today and it looks as though my drive shaft is too short there is way too much exposed metal. I'm sorry I don"t have the exact lingo to describe what is going on but basically I need pictures of underneath that show...
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    MADMEN vote for my sexy secretary look! help!

    Hi boys! In the mood to help out a fellow Nasty Member?? Some of the other girls are very pretty I need your vote. I entered a contest to win a role on MADMEN. Here is a link to vote for me, please don't vote on anyone...
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    '71 Corvette disk brake question experts only please!

    Ok so I'm working at the shop today and we have a '71 stingray in here driving us nuts! I know it's not a camaro question but you guys seem to know everything about chevys! Main points: Everything is pretty stock on this car. There are no leaks. We've tried 2 different master cyl. now in...
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    How do I remove window crank?

    I wanna put my door panels on... any other tips i need?
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    What are these noises??? Video Link!

    Squeaky noise going into drive or second... also sounds similar when hitiing bumps on the road. Clack clacking of the rear tire.. it is brake related I think but why when I am turning and not when I am going straight??? The clack and it's other un identifiable noises are worsening. Most of my...
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    Can I burn rubber with a posi rear??

    I see videos of people peeling out but I think that they mostly only have one wheel going... I have a posi and have never tried it... how would I do it? Step on the brakes and gas it?? Is it even possible with a posi if you don't have a super powerful engine? Sorry I'm a dork!
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    Shocks and Springs: The Good The Bad The Ugly!

    New girl needs advice! Hello Ok, because of previous threads here on Nasty know I need a new rear suspension. When I look under my car my rear leafs are a little flat looking but I have air shocks. So I'm not sure what my problem is...
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    1973 RS Chick Car! Video Link and Pix!

    1983 Girl vs. 1973 RS Camaro, it's a learning process! Hello everyone! This is my beautiful 1973 Rallysport! It has a mystery (crate or rebuilt not sure but clean!!!!) 350 engine purrs like a kitten! I bought it with... Disk brakes all around, new...
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    Weather Stripping Problem please help!! Important!!

    PLEASE HELP! When I got home I was feeling up to some more work so I pulled off the lower door weather stripping on the drivers side..which I will say I had nooo idea was gonna be so much more work than the uppers and the trunk!!!! AHH Anyways I FINALLY get it in with the correct adhesive and...
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    Exhaust "dumping?" and fumes questions from 83girl!

    Hi! Ok so in my reading on here I am learning a little about my exhaust. I can't find the right forum to post this question in, so it's here! Basically I bought my car with many things already done to it. It has a dual flowmaster exhaust that "dumps" out before my rear axle... That's my new...
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    I gonna go crazy over this! 8373 newbie adventures..

    Ok so many of you read my other post about my suspension and we were successful in diagnosing air shocks as the problem. YAY!Thank you!! However in the middle of the thread I experienced a problem I thought was steering. I described it as Dinosaur like noises and crunchy steering with...
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    79-81 Seatbelts on 73?

    Does this work? My seatbelts are kinda old and musty. They are the lap belt style that you hook the shoulder part into. They work ok but I kinda want something all one piece that might be safer for me. Can I just bolt the newer ones on? Or is it too easy to be true....
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    Saggy Passenger door makes me sad

    Hi It's 8373 again I just had weeks of pent up questions for you guys! Ok so my passenger door sags and won't close properly. I can seem to lift it and shut it either. It kinda sticks to it's path.. think it's sagging or the body is warped? I just bought this car could be anything...