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    Subaru reliability?

    I have an 07 Impreza that I bought new. 125000KM, I have changed to oil sending units at $25 each. Car is a rock, absolutely bulletproof. Absolutely amazing in the winter and 100% reliable. Never had the Head Gasket issues as I believe they were fixed before 07. I also have a 2012 Impreza...
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    WTB - American Autowire Crimpers

    Anyone buy a set they are done with and want to sell or rent me for 2-3 months? AAW rental program is not long enough for me or international.
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    inner door handle clips

    Does the inner door handle to latch joint use the same clip as the outer door handle to rod clip like this?
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    Door Glass - AMD vs. NPD vs. OER vs. Ground Up?

    After reading 80 threads on the subject there seems to be no clear consensus. I need to buy door glass in the next week or so and have had nearly zero luck finding good tinted original Glass. Those of you who have purchased lately, where did you get it and how did it fit/look? Has...
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    Seller FEEDBACK thread

    azkeebler Sent me out a trunk lock rod for free! A real great guy!
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    Seller FEEDBACK thread

    Just got a box from Rickcact. All items were exactly as described. Rick was awesome at looking for many things I needed and really helped me out a lot. Thanks Bud!
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    WTB - Stainless Drip Rails/Tinted Door Glass

    Received a Package from Rick today. I have to say a big thanks for the help Rick!
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    WTB - Stainless Drip Rails/Tinted Door Glass

    Rails are on the way, thanks Rick. Still looking for some good tinted glass if anyone has any.
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    WTB - Trunk Lock Shaft

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    WTB - Stainless Drip Rails/Tinted Door Glass

    Looking for a set of stainless drip rails for non-vinyl top car and set of nice tinted door glass that isn't all scratched up. Please PM me price with shipping to Rochester, NY or can pick up in northern NY.
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    Rear Bumper Install 71

    Dennis, I think you were more right than me :) There seemed to be a slight dip in the one side. A couple washers to re-align the bumper and we were good to go! Looks good now. Kris
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    Rear Bumper Install 71

    Thanks Dennis, It is painted. I really think it is a Bracket/Bumper issue as it seems more about how far the bumper sits away from the tail when heading toward the passenger side. I'm going to remove the carriage bolts on that bracket and see if I can readjust without modifying the bracket.
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    Rear Bumper Install 71

    OK Guys, I got the bumper on alright, no scratches :) The passenger side sticks out about a quarter to half inch further than the drivers side. Drivers side is perfect. I've narrowed it down to the right side bracket with the 2 bolts. It is sitting further from the rear panel than the...
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    WTB - Trunk Lock Shaft

    So my original round headed trunk lock shaft doesn't work with my new aftermarket lock. I am assuming I need the hockey stick style shaft. Does anyone have one they can drop in an envelope and mail to me?
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    Rear Bumper Install 71

    Awesome thanks. I guess there is enought play in the through holes into the trunk to make up for any play in the brackets.
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    Rear Bumper Install 71

    Do you need to install brackets on the bumper first or on car? Can you leave them loose and once in place can the chrome bolts be tightened?
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    I went to a Junk yard, not a salvage yard look at what I found

    Damn, drip rails I need sitting right there!
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    Headliner Garnish Clips Up or Down???

    With the 70-73 Bow style headliner is there a proper orientation for the garnish clips to hold the side headliner trim? Would the left side go in on the top towards the roof or vise versa?
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    *Suspended from work *

    I can't believe legally they could suspend you without pay and not give you cause or previous warnings about this type of behavior. In this case if it was a false accusation in the end you would most definitely be entitled to your back pay and potentially even damages. This scenario would...
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    Parting 1973 Camaro

    Any stainless drip rails?