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    1979 Camaro roller solid body

    I have a 1980 trans am I
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    1980 trans/am 2000.00

    not a driver needs assembly.all there mostly brand new or rebuilt all brand new and installed.motor and tranny complete and together .car in Weymouth Massachusetts 781-337-1305 I gave up. new silver paint. car has cragers for wheels. and no dents.some new trans am stickers installed must see...
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    Windscreen window trim clips and studs

    if clip studs are there you can wait,advance sells the clips.i bought mine there!
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    DashBoard Restoration and Paint Process????

    I know you do not want to sand it! year one and classic sell all the correct stuff you need.i have a 1979 dash out of a car I stripped it is blue take 80.00
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    Correct Clutch/Pressure Plate/Clutchforkplate setup

    I know you need a 621 bellhousing I had same problem during same swap turns out chevy made about 9 or more different bellhousing I had a bellhousing out of a 1973 chev pickup I tried too use when I did the swap took me 1 month of research to find out the right one and shocked to find out they...
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    ford 9 inch for sale

    have three of them perched and shortened for 1967 too 1969 Camaro and some older novas want 450.00 to 650.00 each complete.just need drums and brake shoes call 7816357466 for info have 30 days moving!
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    Headliner Trim

    I bought mine from muscle car restoration company there were called lh and rh headliner trim 1974 to 81 I tried to get used but all retainer clip-reta9iner were busted try e-bay I seen them on there too must be painted to match come in blk only.
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    whistling exhaust

    could be exhaust blockage, to check hook up vacuum gauge rev engine to even rpm (steady) then check gauge it should read steady or if it drops slowly could be blocked header tube, cat converter. muffler, y-pipe.
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    1967 camaro convertible 4000.00

    barn find stored 30 years floors intact trunk good make a good rat rod as is was a 6 cyl no motor or tranny. original top still on car 4000.00 or b.o. call 781-635-7466 car located in Hingham Massachusetts trunk is good. rockers are solid. must see, or b.r.o. all parts necc. could assemble and...
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    camaro to Russia

    next better thing how about a 1980 trans am no T-tops see ad about zzz engine for sale for details and pics its a complete project minor needs to finish.does not drive int brand new.all silver outside.carmine red interior.has 700r4 trans and 1989 5.7 chev engine 4 boltadd the t tops at home and...
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    1967 camaro conv, too sell 5000.00

    reason car is so cheap lost storage.have two other cars found places to put them but no place for my car of 31 years help this is a nut and bolt restoration.not necc to be a bodywork man.body is that good. easy fix.
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    harmonic balancer help

    little advice I tried to put a factory setup on my z-28 hood would not shut check for this before getting too serius with swap!
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    harmonic balancer help

    little advice I tried to put a factory setup on my z-28 hood would not shut check for this before getting too serius with swap!
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    1980 trans am for sale

    car has nice newer paint.silver with carmine red interior with new seat covers and new headliner also all moldings for interior proffesionaly painted carmine red interior is like new car is not running motor 5.7 installed along with 700r4 major dents or body work needed .already...
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    free 1979 frnt bmper cover

    good cond all related parts still mounted on cover like bumper impact bar and related. e-mail, [email protected] for more info or if you want it. not torn.pick up in Weymouth,massachusetts all free! also have 1979 stock air induction hood free little dry rot near one of the hinge mounting...
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    67 camaro craigslist bs!!

    I have 1967 camaro convertible for 5000.00 first to see will buy call 781-635-7466 barn stored at least 30 years losing storage 30 days must go call fast no motor or tranny car very presentable all original car in weymouth Massachusetts please save this car thanks this is no joke
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    67 camaro craigslist bs!!

    1967 camaro convertible
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    1967 camaro conv, too sell 5000.00

    sorry finally made it work hope youre impressed.