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    Need 70 Rust free fender

    I am looking for some 70-77 Rust free fenders any one know of any.
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    I've been had by a con man

    A few months I began paying off a few original parts for my Camaro being I am in New Zealand and was going to get all shipped together..It first started I bought an item off him from ebay and that turned out to be good but he then offered me a lot more parts that I needed and sent me photos of...
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    clear knob cranks y so much

    go have a look at this 4 nos cranks the bids are up to $200 y so much ebay#310288418595:bowtie:
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    very nice 70 z28 on ebay

    have a look at this 70 Z28 on ebay its a nice car..Item number: 160531361512
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    how many real 70 Z28s LT1s

    here is a question for u all out there.all u with real 1970 Z28s how many of u have the original born with yr car LT1 engines.and how many with non original be interesting to see how many of us with 70 Zs have the original engines. as my one has its original one so that is who...
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    z28 rear end date codes

    i have just had a look at my rear housing casting date and it is J289 i think that is october 28 1969.and the rear axle code is COO 0308 G so that is march 8 1970 i car was made in march as all the date codes are from that time on the car.but the casting date on the rear of oct28 69and...
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    1970 z28 ET times.

    what ET times did a 70 z28 do back in the day.did it get into the 13-second bracket for a stock car.and what did it do with a bit of work done to it.also what is the top end of the RPM for a LT1.i have had my one up to 6000RPM.
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    z28 spark plugs

    what spark plugs did the 1970 z28 come with.i think it may be a AC plug but do not know what one.
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    z28 carb

    hi my 70 z28 carb has a date code of 032. i know that 0 is for 1970 and 3 is march.but is 2 for the 2nd week of march or the 2nd day of march.
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    i need help with this...

    hi i have a 70 z28 i need some help with the date # on the block. it is 0113 on it.i do not know what this has the vin #s above the oil filter it is the same as the one on the car.the block casting # is 3970010.on the front pad of the block it has V0312 CTB.but i can not work out the date...