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  1. 2nd gen Guy

    Hurst shifter

    Automatic shifter direct fit into console, works good, no rust on chrome. $350
  2. 2nd gen Guy

    WTB seat tracks

    I need both sides driver and passenger seat tracks for a 79 camaro, Have Paypal if anyone has a set. Thanks
  3. 2nd gen Guy

    Good door handles/pulls ?

    I can't find the thread that talked about good quality door pulls. '79 Camaro, I see Dynacorn on Ebay and they are advertised as the new STRONGER ONES but they look the same as the stock ones on the inside. Fbody warehouse has some that look a bit different inseide ( can't remember the mfg)...
  4. 2nd gen Guy

    How much differential oil ?

    My Haynes manual doesn't say how much oil to add. I have a '79 8.5" rear end, 373 gears. I know in the past it was said to add till oil drips out the fill hole and then I read that that changed, to only add oil and put your finger in the fill hole, it should be just below the hole. I have 2...
  5. 2nd gen Guy

    Where does this go ??

    I've tried a VARIETY of ways to make it fit but I JUST DON'T KNOW, seems so simple GRRR. Starter coil wire runs thru it to protect it, I thought it bolts to the back of the trans, one hole is for 3/8", other is maybe 5/16" Does anybody have the answer ?? 79 Camaro... THANKS
  6. 2nd gen Guy

    AC compressor question

    I need a Sanden 7176 (or equivalent ?) compressor. Does anyone have one other than Sanden to give an opinion ? Sanden is $275 ish and I see other brands that look the same size/configuration that are cheaper but I don't want to buy one twice. I know you get what you pay for in ALOT of cases but...
  7. 2nd gen Guy

    Radiator and heater hoses

    I saw plenty of cars with GM logo heater and radiator hoses at a few car shows and wondering if anyone knows where to buy em, I thought they would be an easy find online but not having much luck. Also wonder if anyone is using silicone hoses and if they are having any issues with em ? Thanks
  8. 2nd gen Guy

    Reverse lockout linkage

    Ok, bought my 79 in pcs and not sure what I need for reverse lockout linkage. All I have is the linkages from the steering column down to the trans, TH350. I have the cup that sits in the frame, I ordered a spring and washer from a vendor here but he didn't know what else goes with it. Seems...
  9. 2nd gen Guy

    Shifter cable problem

    I bought a Hurst V Matic 2 (made for 73-81 console) and got it mounted to the floor of my '79, fits nice and sits in the hole good but instructions imply that the existing cable will hook right up. Problem is that the cable hook up to the shifter is farther forward and now it sits a few inches...
  10. 2nd gen Guy

    Which headers to get ???

    I NEED to figure out which headers will fit best in my car. I have a 79 Z28 ( with the additional lower braces), 350 and keeping the AC so there is the suitcase to deal with. I was able to squeeze in a Hedmann header on the pass side but would need to trim down the lower brace for it to mate up...
  11. 2nd gen Guy

    Polishing aluminum trim

    I dropped off my front windshield trim to have a guy polish it and he did a GREAT job on it but at $25 per ft it was over $200. SOOO now I need the rear trim polished but not gonna pay what would probably be over $300. Can anyone give me some tips on doing it myself ? I have a few polishing tips...
  12. 2nd gen Guy

    '71 Camaro,$1,100
  13. 2nd gen Guy

    79 camaro drip rail question

    I got a set of stainless steel drip rails from a 70 or 71 and they fit the black pcs, bolt holes and curves so I assumed they will work on my '79 but the initial fit looks like they are sitting too snug to the roof and there's no gap/gutter. Will the older ones fit a 79 ? Thanks
  14. 2nd gen Guy

    Bump top question

    I have 1 spacer from my old stops but the new ones didn't come with em, do I need those ? They are aluminum and I can make it if I have to. My car is a '79 Z28, rebuilt stock suspension Thanks
  15. 2nd gen Guy

    '70 Camaro $7500 on Craigslist Not mine, just ran across it Looks like a nice car for the $
  16. 2nd gen Guy

    O Reilly Summer National car show in Mpls

    Who's gonna have a car at the show this wknd ?
  17. 2nd gen Guy

    78-81 (maybe others) misc parts, some free

    Some leftovers from my build, Some is free just pay shipping ($5-15) Shifter with knob (no center button for it), its been cleaned up and painted $75 shipped, can include a shift cable if you need it Door handles $5 each shipped Fender to radiator braces, black one is GM black painted...
  18. 2nd gen Guy

    Seal hood scoop ?

    I need to bolt on my hood scoop now and wondering what to do to seal it. I know that around the wheel flares & spoiler you just do the bolt holes but here there are some holes in the hood to deal with too. If you have a pic or 2 that would help too, THANKS
  19. 2nd gen Guy

    Piston recommendations

    I'm getting close to the engine build, haven't sent the block in yet but need to think about boosting HP. Here's where I'm at, - 165 HP 350 4 bolt main block - 487, 350HP heads (194 valves) with 1.5 roller rockers - Quick Fuel 600 CFM carb - Hedmann headers, not sure of PN - 350TH Trans...
  20. 2nd gen Guy

    Engine decoding

    So I finally got a motor to rebuild and got some info on it, but can't figure out if its a 165 HP or 255 HP. The following is what I know : -3970010, pulled pan it is 4 bolt mains -Came out of a 79 K10 4 wheel drive truck -Front pad info, V0503TBD V=Flint, 05=May, 03=Tuesday, TBD says its a...