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    Gen II Headers $100/Nitto NT 555 R Tires 275/50/15 Birmingham

    Got these in a lot of Gen II parts. Brand unknown - in good shape. Also comes with gaskets and bolts - one gasket is new. I will sell for $100 shipped or $75 local. Pics can be seen here -
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    Vortec Heads and New Edelbrock Performer RPM Vortec Intake - $400

    Set of used Chevrolet Vortec heads and a new Edelbrock Performer RPM Vortec Intake. Will get pics tomorrow.
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    EATON GM 10 Bolt Posi 19557-010

    New Eaton 10 bolt posi rear end. Has some surface rust. I bought this for a project and then sold the project car. Sells for $500 new - asking $400 shipped. Eaton's Application Guide - Jeg's -...
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    Need Help Identifying Parts

    My '76 came with some extra body parts, that I was finally able to pick up this weekend. I know the front bumper is different, but can anyone tell me what year these parts came from? Also, the fenders, and not photoed door, will still work for my car - correct? Thanks IMG_6806 by S D...
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    Anyone have a spare Hurst sitting around?

    My factory shifter has seized and I figure this is as good a time as any to upgrade. Anyone?
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    How to know what came in my Camaro

    There is some question now as to what transmission came in my Camaro. I have read plenty of code break downs, but I am not sure where to find those codes on the car. I have a sticker in the driver's side door jam and the Fisher body tag but neither say what transmission came in the car. My...
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    Parking Brake Handle does not Work

    Ok, in my search to figure out why my breaks only have pressure at the bottom I started playing with the parking break after someone told me that the rears have to build pressure first. I realized that the parking break is set and the handle does not release it. Can anyone tell me how they...
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    2 Quick Engine Questions (tach and blocked hose)

    I was hooking up my new (used) autometer tach tonight to existing wires and found two problems. First, where there should be a plug on my distributor for the tach hookup there is nothing. From my reading I can just use a female wire connector and be ok, right? IMG_8853 by S D S...
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    1976 Camaro Pulled from the Mud

    A student of mine told me about this car. After he passed on it, I went to look at it and bought it from my co-worker who was selling the car. We tried to start the car twice - both times it turned over and tried to start. Then the key cylinder broke, so we used my students F250 to pull it...
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    Car dies while being put on ramps

    I tried to change my oil this weekend, but every time the car started to move on the ramps it died. Also, it does not like to cold start and will die when you push the gas until it has run for a while in neutral. So, I am guessing I need a rebuild on my, what I assume, stock QJet. I have...
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    Trans cooler on 4 speed

    I installed an auto zone radiator yesterday and noticed that it had hook-ups for cooling the transmission. My car is a 4 speed, so do I just cap these?
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    Can anyone ID this intake?

    Guy offered me this intake for $60. He says it is an aluminum vortec intake but it has no PN. IMG_5006 by S D S Photography, on Flickr IMG_8838 by S D S Photography, on Flickr It looks sort of like this -...
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    I have a unique fender question.

    My car was hit on the passenger side some time before I bought it. The car came with a spare door and passenger fender. I have taken all the necessary bolts out but cannot get to the doorjamb bolt because the door cannot be opened. It will open about 15 - 20 degrees but not far enough to...
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    Anyone know what this stuff is?

    Anyone know what this tan stuff on my intake is? Looks like something to patch it, but I cannot imagine what. IMG_9404 by S D S Photography, on Flickr
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    Car tries to die when I push the gas

    I am restoring a '76 with a 350 and 4 speed. It will start and idle, now that it has good gas in it, but when I push the gas pedal it tries to die. If I go almost to the floor it will rev up but in the middle there is a dead zone. I assume there is something wrong with the carb or choke, but...
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    Buzzer will not turn off

    Yesterday, I replaced my key cylinder. Today I went to pull the plugs and noticed a buzzing in the car. It sounds like the noise when you leave the lights on or leave the key in the car. I started the car and cycled the lights and nothing changed the sound. Any ideas?
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    Can someone please tell me how to use a Steering Wheel Lock Plate Remover?

    I have destroyed two of these tonight trying to get the lock plate off my '76 - I attach the adapter, set bar...
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    Can someone OK my engine plan?

    The car is a ways away from a top-end overhaul, but it is never too early to start assembling parts. Please bear in mind this is a budget build. Car - '76 350 with a 4-speed, Ac, and PS bone stock Plan -car that is fun to take out and drive with very little 1/4 action Found some vortec heads...
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    Help Identifying Wires

    On a car I am trying to save there are four wires that come out under the steering wheel. They were bundled together but now are not. They are blue, red, black, and green. Any ideas?
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    First Post - Looking at a '76

    Hello everyone. I am looking at a '76 that has been sitting since 2010. I looked the car over and it seems to be in good shape - belts and hoses are in good shape and there are no obvious dried leaks. The body is rough, but I am really just wanting to work on the engine and drive it. Besides...