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  1. earnhardtgm3

    Aluminum Hood hinges

    Has anybody used the new aluminum hood hinges. Thinking about using a pair as I'm in the processs of adding a new cowl hood and all new rubber underneath hood. Also, going to add a 69 Camaro big block cowl hood air cleaner and seal. Aluminum Hood Hinges for 1970-1981 Pontiac Firebird /Chevy...
  2. earnhardtgm3

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all my NastyZ friends...........:crazy::roadkill:
  3. earnhardtgm3

    Summit Racing Discount

    $25 Off $250+ / $50 Off $500+ Savings. Source Code: 50YEARS
  4. earnhardtgm3

    Interesting new rifle scope

  5. earnhardtgm3

    Which Header Bolts ?

    Having to replace my header gaskets and want to replace the header bolts. Currently using the Proform Wedge Locking 3/8-16x.750. Just wondering if there are better ones to use. Prefer to replace with ones that won't rust. I have had to make specialty wrenches in the past to tighten the bolts at...
  6. earnhardtgm3

    Has anybody used a CG-Lock Seat Belt Lock ?

    Found this out from a couple of race buddies that have street cars and do autocross and they use these. Was wondering if anybody has used them on a 2nd Gen Camaro. If so, how was the fit and welcome too. CG-Lock Seat Belt Lock
  7. earnhardtgm3

    What is best to use in power steering pump?

    What is best to use in new power steering pump and steering box? Transmission fluid or some power steering fluid made for steering pump.
  8. earnhardtgm3

    Which power steeering pump ?

    I need to replace my power steering pump and want to change out the brackets as well. I want to use the Alan Grove Power Steering bracket 402. So which power steering pump will work on a 79 SBC motor. My current steering pump does not have any bolts in the rear and current bracket has mount that...
  9. earnhardtgm3

    T Top locks

    Just bought another set as these are to find at times: These have a great price too. T Top locks in Black: T Top locks in...
  10. earnhardtgm3

    Thinking about adding backup rear view mirror.

    Anybody done this to your project. If so, got any pics and what you used. I currently have an auto dimming with temp/compass in mine at the moment. Here is one I was looking at that looks reasonably cheap. Master Tailgaters OEM Rear View Mirror with Ultra Bright 4.3" Auto Adjusting Brightness...
  11. earnhardtgm3

    What color to Paint PTFB Roll Bar?

    Need to paint my new roll bar before install and was wondering what color would look better. Car has black interior. Also would you paint or powder coat the bar?
  12. earnhardtgm3

    Fire Extinguisher Location/Roll Bar

    Just got my new roll-bar but not installed yet and was wondering about mounting my small fire extinguisher to the roll bar on the drivers side for easy access. Anybody got any pics or what mount you used? Also thinking about adding roll bar padding like comes on the jeeps. Any ideas are welcomed.
  13. earnhardtgm3

    Best posi unit and axles

    Time to upgrade my old posi unit and thinking about going to 30 spline axles. What are the best options for this route ? Will need new posi unit and axles and maybe new u joints. Running a 3:42 gear ratio
  14. earnhardtgm3

    WTB Drivers side seat track

    Need a drivers side seat track for the wife's car. 79 Camaro.
  15. earnhardtgm3

    What G Braces are the best ?

    I want to add G Braces to my car, but worried about them fitting when you have AC installed. Anybody got any good recommendations as which are best. And will AC be in the way. Pics are welcome as well. Alston GM FIRE WALL “Y” BRACE 401063 70-81 Camaro/FireBird or Hotchkis 20103 Chassis Max...
  16. earnhardtgm3

    Any experience with run flat tires

    Need to buy a set of tires for the wife's car and was told the run flat tires are pretty good for highway use. Only travel 64 miles round-trip,mostly country roads. Was looking at the Bridgestone Driveguard brand. Any body got any experience with the run flat tires?
  17. earnhardtgm3

    Cool Gadget

    Found this to be interesting. Don't know much about it. Looks cool though.
  18. earnhardtgm3

    Best Auto Shifter using stock console ?

    What is the best shifter to use with auto console? I know some of these are hard to find. Post up your pics and pros and cons.
  19. earnhardtgm3

    O2 Sensor Location?

    What side to mount O2 sensor for a FITech fuel injection kit. Is the drivers side or passenger side header best. My exhaust is a Pypes X pipe system if that matter,which I don't think it does.
  20. earnhardtgm3

    WTB Drivers side seat track assy

    I need a driver's side seat track for my 79.