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    Pete's "71" Restomod Update 01

    Hey Pete. What shroud is that you've used? It looks like it might have some rubber flaps at the top that open once the rad gets airflow going through it?? Would you mind getting a closer shot for me if that is the case please? Thanks
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    Paint job update

    We could be twins.
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    Should I go back with the Decals

    I'd say go with them as they will enhance the colour rather than detract from it, and if you decide you don't like them, can't you have them removed pretty simply??
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    70 Camaro hiding the wiper motor

    Thanks Philip.
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    So it begins...

    Wow, what a great way to spend time with your son, especially at this stage of his life. Try to take in every moment and teach him well.
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    70 Camaro hiding the wiper motor

    Oh, and here's a photo of my firewall now.
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    70 Camaro hiding the wiper motor

    Hi guys, A couple of us have relocated our wiper motors to place them inside the driver's front fender. I've included a link here to my build thread where you can see how we did it with my car. Darren
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    Help me pick my next Carburetor please!

    Hey mate. I have a very similar engine combo to yours and have just fitted FiTech fuel injection. The engine loves it and it is REALLY easy to install. A little more in terms of what you would spend on a carb but less tune ups etc. I love mine. Just a thought.
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    Cold air intake

    Whilst mine's not an LS application, I also used a Spectre CAI kit and I love it. Don't know whether it does anything for performance, but it met a need I had for a low profile air filter and I wanted something that was just different.
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    sheet metal hole plugs for the door?

    That's exactly what I did with mine. Turned out great. Then, if you want to put electric windows in later with the rubber boot, you can just knock them out.
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    Pic Request: Emer. Brake pedal return spring

    Thee is a spring that holds the ratchet lever in place against the teeth of the ratchet mechanism. My spring broke but as others have said the pressure from the e brake cable enables the ebrake to return when released. The only issue I have had is when the ratchet lever turns all the way over...
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    window Moldings......

    Hey Lou. I used oven cleaner and steel wool to remove the anodising, then wet sanded with coarser grit gradually reducing to 3000, then a buff then clear coat. They take a bit of work, but come up really nice. Darren
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    Project Deadpool

    So, I started the first bit of work on the fuel injection install on the weekend. I installed the surge tank/fuel pump. The tank/pump gets fed from the original manual fuel pump and has an electric pump inside to increase the fuel pressure that is then fed to the FI throttle body. This way I...
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    Project Deadpool

    So, I've been unimpressed with my Holley 600 vac secondary carby since the day I got the car. Considering a tune is in excess of $500 nowadays I have been looking for a while now at the throttle body fuel injection systems that are available and have been on the market for some time now. So, I...
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    Rear disc conversion

    I used the right stuff kit as well and it was easy to install. I have noticed a big difference in braking performance also. Much better pedal feel and great bite to the braking system of the car if that makes sense.
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    Project code name - Never Satisfied

    Beautiful colour. I can't wait to see it in the sun. Congratulations.
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    Am I the only one.....

    You'll get a frosty reception from her.
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    1970 std window regulator

    G'day mate. Not sure whether they are the same, but expect they are. I actually sold all of mine to INXS so I don't have any left. Sorry.
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    Fesler Trunk Struts

    I've installed the trunk strut kit. I have removed the torsion rods from my car and didn't want to replace them. The kit was easy to install, but without the torsion rods, the trunk doesn't spring open when you turn the key. You have to lift it, but when it's up, it stays up.

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