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    1970 Lower Dash - Think this can this be restored?

    Just backed up and followed work. Great job saving it. Who didn't cut the dash up in the 70s, 80s? Hopefully u don't get rid of the car and the next owner hacks it back out!
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    Deer Harvest Pictures

    Nice buck for the SIL. He better get some more arrows! Knocked this guy out Fri. evening. Dropped his guard following a doe.
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    Lost my boy Harley

    Sorry. Always a tough loss.
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    Lost my best buddy yesterdsy

    Sorry for your loss. It sux. We put ours down New Years Day (15yo with convulsions 3-5 min. apart). Finished burying her at 1am the next morning. We know that's the deal we make w them when we take them in. I always feel like we've saved them when we have one. It's probably the other way...
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    My 72 Z THANKS to the Nasty Z28 community

    Nice job saving it!
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    Paint shop jail! Should I bail?

    Take backup and get the car & parts very soon. See if he'll give back some $ to avoid court. If he can't or doesn't want to do the car, you don't want him doing it anyway.
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    Need Prayers and Uplifting

    So sorry to hear, but thanks for reaching out. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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    I just came home to a flooded garage (wet floor anyway)

    We use A.O. Smith. One from a plumbing supply house may be a little better than a box store. Brass drain vs. plastic. If you ever run out of HW, get a 50 gallon. If you have room. Not much more $. Most are putting in a thermal expansion tank also. Easy to throw a pan under while doing it. Either...
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    Just well wishing everyone

    Sorry for the troubles. Thanks for the kind words. Hope things get better for you.
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    Putting down furry friends doesn’t get any easier

    Sorry Gramps. That's tough duty. We had to put my Daughters (2 weeks shy of 15) short hair miniture Dachshund down New Years Day. Started having convulsions every 3-5 minutes. Finished burying her at 1am Sun., the 2nd. Still seems like yesterday. The other animals grieve also. I feel that when...
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    New pack member is home.

    That's a good lookin' pup. I could never keep our labs crated. I always ended up telling them- get out of there, your one of us!
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    Use a nail gun..??

    Maybe galvanized brads/nails? Don't want it to rust ans show through paint. Glue may help also. Doubt if paint will fill hole and be unnoticeable (unless it's a rough/textured finish).
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    residential water manifold

    Chuck, good question. Don't have an answer, but some thoughts. Keeping in mind you've been using water passing through galvanized pipe, I wouldn't be too concerned! Can you use the other outlet for the dishwasher? It would take longer to get HW there vs. off the kit. sink line. Time for a...
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    Finally painted!!

    Very nice.
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    Deer Harvest Pictures

    Trailcam pic. Wish it had been daylight.
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    Happy New Year

    Happy & Safe New Year to all.
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    Xten in the hospital

    Get well asap.
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    Deer Harvest Pictures

    Haven't pattered the big one yet. Did outsmart this doe. They keep going up a vacant driveway and avoiding going back into the woods near me and are out of bow range. Also an empty house on the other side of them that I won't shoot towards. I propped up my coveralls w tripods, added a couple...
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    Grandson Gets His Wings

    Proud moments. Congrats. Thank him for us.
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    Deer Harvest Pictures

    Nice buck Gary. How many yards out?